15 Top Rated Reputation Management Software & Reviews

Reputation Management Software

In terms of marketing, what others think about you and your company is quite important. Hard work and superior customer service may build a company’s Reputation Management Software free, but unfavorable comments and reviews can destroy it. There is good news, though. No matter what business you work in, you may use those reviews, whether they are 5-star or 1-star, to gain additional work. After all, you’re likely to have the occasional dissatisfied client who enjoys posting a negative review online. Reputation management software might be useful in this situation. You may use Reputation Management Software to manage your brand online, invite clients to post reviews and keep track of the online discussions taking place about your company. 60% of customers say they will stop thinking about a business if they read a bad review. Reputation Management Software can be a cheap way to reduce the damage done by negative information on the internet about your business.

15 Top Rated Reputation Management Software & Reviews

When you reply to these reviews as they come in, you may limit the harm and transform a negative review into an opportunity to win over new clients (read on to find out how). We’ve put together a list of the top 15 online Reputation Management Software company out of the many alternatives available. We’ve compiled a list of the best solutions for online reputation management software white label to assist you in exerting greater control over your company brand online. Before selecting your organization, be sure to thoroughly investigate any potential fits.

What is Reputation management software?

Let’s define online reputation management software and explain how it functions before you hurry to develop a damage control strategy or rush out to beg clients for reviews. No matter how big or small, every brand has an image. But more importantly, your consumers own that image, not you. Although you constantly want your skills and abilities to come through, perception ultimately determines reality. No matter how amazing your products and services are, if you get buried by a few badly timed customer complaints, consumers may change their opinion of your company.  Reputation management software for small businesses is a broad phrase that refers to how businesses handle their marketing, press coverage, and internet presence and tries to keep both the positive and the negative at the forefront.

Consider the last firm you used to service a project in your house, such as paving a driveway, cleaning the gutters, or installing a ceiling fan. What words come to mind when you think of that experience? That is how you mentally see the business and its reputation. Imagine if, instead of keeping that criticism to yourself or venting to a friend, you posted it online. Your opinions—positive or negative—will be seen by others seeking a comparable service, and they’ll use that information to determine whether or not they should trust that company. Online reputation, in essence, is all about how customers view a company and what they say about it to others. While you can’t stop people from expressing their opinions, online reputation management software for agencies may help you keep up with the discussion and make appropriate adjustments.

The Advantages of Managing Reputation Management Software

If you own a small local business, you might not give your internet reputation much thought. Does reputation matter because you meet people in person rather than selling goods or services online? It does, really. Every business, in some way, has an internet presence. Even if you don’t acquire the majority of your business online or through your website, people are still talking about you. Your business may gain from understanding how people view you online in a variety of ways. Continue reading to learn the important advantages of controlling your reputation.

Improve trust

People like reading about other people’s opinions on various topics, including book and movie reviews, gossip columns, and experiences with their neighborhood plumber. In comparison to suggestions from friends, internet evaluations from strangers are valued by 85% of individuals. Every review counts in managing your internet reputation by asking satisfied customers to submit their comments. This can have an unnoticed effect on future consumers.

Improve your SEO

People are more inclined to click on the first page of results when searching for services online, such as “local electrician” or “landscaper near me.” The more prominent you are on the page, the more likely it is that people will notice your brand. A great online reputation for your business might help you rank higher on Google. The more pages you are featured on with backlinks to your website, the more likely Google is to display you prominently in front of clients.

Utilize critical comments to land more jobs

Negative reviews are an inevitable aspect of operating a business in 2021, but you can utilize them to highlight your professionalism and commitment to your clients. Respond to bad reviews in a way that expresses your narrative without assigning blame. This demonstrates to consumers how you behave when there are problems, disagreements, or even disputes.

Free market analysis

Both what people think of your brand and what they say about your offerings are significant. What features of what you offered did they like the most? Where do you stand out? What have other individuals said or are they worried about? You may gain a lot of knowledge about what matters to potential clients and how to subsequently customize your products. Seeing what others think of you may help you make changes going forward, whether it is in your communication abilities, your service levels, or your targeting of competitors.

# 1. Brand24


Brand24 keeps an eye on what people are saying about your business on social media sites and lets you know when things get heated.


  • To concentrate on what’s important, customize notifications based on certain criteria.
  • Use filters to narrow down your search results and look for patterns.
  • Choose influential or noteworthy commentators to interact with more frequently.
  • Real-time responses may be given to comments from a single platform.

positioned and priced to appeal to larger companies with wider audiences. has a steeper learning curve for novice users.

#2. Grade.US 


Nearly everywhere has access to online reviews. Grade.US (which used to be called Reputology) keeps track of all of them for you and helps you respond to and deal with all kinds of criticism.


  • Utilize 2/7 surveillance on social and search websites.
  • Get alerted automatically when reviews are submitted.
  • Customers can be surveyed to gather concentrated, continuing feedback.
  • Observe how your teammates react to internet comments.

high costs for small enterprises and additional fees for integration. It is more difficult to receive assistance due to limited support hours.

#3. Birdeye


In order to increase favorable comments and search rankings, Birdeye curates client reviews. Reputation Management Software Review management and marketing make it easy for your business to get more online leads and be seen.


  • All reviews may be managed from a single dashboard for all listings.
  • Direct connection optimization for your Google My Business listing.
  • Send clients to review websites to promote good comments.
  • Automate a referral campaign using messaging services and email.

very expensive, and the standard package lacks important interaction choices. It is more difficult to receive assistance due to limited support hours.

#4. SproutSocial


Engage consumers on social media to grow your company. SproutSocial keeps track of social media activity, finds times when there is a lot of activity, and collects messages so you can get in touch and respond.


  • View social media posts from all networks in one location.
  • Manage customer support concerns and rapidly address complaints.
  • Find conversation starters with your customers.
  • Find keywords you may use in other marketing materials.

There is a lack of functionality for custom reports and limited analytics. If you need to handle more than five social networks, it can get expensive.

#5. Swell


I was attempting to lead the conversation. Swell helps you increase reviews and reputation with simple interaction choices. Interact with users from Google, Facebook, and other places. Swell strikes a balance between monitoring and responding to outbound consumer engagement.


  • Text review requests are increasing.
  • Comments from Google and Facebook
  • To find out more about client wants and opinions, create surveys.
  • To control your answers, use one-to-one or group texting.
  • Without tiered plans, you pay a single price to get all the features.

Users who don’t require all the available functions may find it overwhelming. There is no mobile app for monitoring while on the go.

#6. Chekkit


Chekkit emphasizes text messaging for local companies’ monitoring and interaction. From a single platform, you can solicit and reply to reviews, communicate with consumers directly, and control live chat. Their mobile app makes it simple and quick to talk from any location.


  • In one location, manage communications from Facebook, Google, the web, and messaging.
  • Utilizing processes and autoresponders, and request reviews.
  • React to user reviews on popular and niche websites.
  • Set up notifications for fresh reviews and keep tabs on comments.

There are no options for automated customization depending on a customer or subject. Users are only allowed 2000 outgoing messages per month under the Essentials plan.

#7. GatherUp


GatherUp is focused on capturing client experience by balancing requests for reviews with responses to feedback. This is a powerful review reputation management software that keeps an eye on over 50 websites, including Google and TripAdvisor.


  • Get notified when fresh internet reviews are published.
  • To monitor trends in ratings and feedback, create reports.
  • With automatic reminders, send email and SMS requests for reviews.
  • Personalize and brand all correspondence regarding feedback.

For new users, the customization possibilities might be daunting. Support extensively uses email ticketing and online publications.

#8. Moz 


With several logins and various materials, managing online listings may be difficult. By maintaining your listings in sync throughout the internet from a single dashboard, Moz Local makes it simple. Moz Local lets you respond to reviews from the same dashboard and go straight to review sites, which will help your ranking and exposure.


  • Improve SEO ranking with continuous, up-to-date company listing material.
  • To comprehend client perspectives, keep track of comments and frequent subjects throughout time.
  • In order to engage fans and confront detractors, respond to reviews in real-time.
  • Add rich material, offers, and photographs to listings to improve them.

Important features necessitate additional mid-range price schemes. fewer opportunities for email involvement with a continued focus on on-site listings.

#9. Vendasta


Reputation Management Software is one of a number of marketing and commercial solutions that Vendasta provides. You’ll never miss a review thanks to immediate alerts. You can run your Vendasta account yourself, or you can give your marketing company access to it so they can handle your stuff.


  • By controlling material from a single platform, listing accuracy may be increased.
  • Keep an eye on social media conversations and review websites.
  • When comparing yourself to the competition, establish benchmarks.
  • From a single dashboard, you can manage and reply to reviews.

More so than local services, it lends itself to businesses that offer digital items. No support or access to mobile apps is provided.

#10. Podium


Consider Podium if you want to increase your online review visibility. Utilizing texting techniques, their technology enables users to automate review invitations and allows customers to interact with your online listings.


  • Use the personalized outreach template for review requests.
  • Receive immediate notification when consumers leave an online review.
  • Utilize consumer surveys that are connected to get more input.
  • One inbox allows you to browse and reply to all of your reviews.

but not social media networks, which connect to review and listing websites. No access to mobile apps is provided.

#11. Reputation Studio

Reputation Studio

Reputation Studio, from web solutions experts 1440, offers a distinctive strategy for review management. Connect to more than 30 partners and review sites, such as Yelp and Google My Business, to track and address issues across all platforms.


  • In accordance with the filter criteria you provide, react to real-time notifications.
  • Based on the review subjects and severity, create cases.
  • To simplify and hasten your replies, using relevant templates.
  • Assess the attitudes of your customers toward your business.

It is built on Salesforce, so managing reviews needs access to CRM. Pricing that includes the expense of using CRM is probably going to be high.

# 12. Yext


Yext is committed to assisting businesses in understanding and managing how their brand is portrayed online. You may keep an eye on and make changes to your online company listings to ensure that the material is true and interesting while encouraging feedback.


  • From a single interface, you can swiftly and easily create citations.
  • Adapt the information to the various company locations.
  • It eliminates duplications and simplifies listing management.
  • Review answers quickly and simply upload the text and images.

a well-known leader in the field, but costs might be excessive. Customers have complained online about poor customer service.

#13. Cloutly


You may transform evaluations into marketing material with the aid of Cloutly. Utilize the widgets on their website to add user reviews to your website. Additionally, you may send review request emails directing clients to one of 24 review platforms of their-or your-choice.


  • Before they are made public, examine and respond to bad comments.
  • To build trust, incorporate real-time user reviews on your website.
  • Directly from the browser dashboard, reply to reviews.
  • Based on sales triggers like new purchases, automate review requests.

Web-based support is available without actual human interaction. No access to mobile apps is provided.

#14. Rallio


Management of multiple listing locationsRallio is ideal for franchises and enterprises with several locations. You may keep tabs on customer reviews for your whole brand, or you can let franchisees address customer reviews locally. Rallio provides options for per-location involvement by analyzing comments from social media and other sources.


  • Manage multiple location listings and channels from a single location.
  • Check for consistency in the manager’s answers to reviews.
  • Maintain a brand image regardless of the social media platform.
  • Utilize branded templates that local franchisees may edit.

Users on mobile devices report connectivity problems while posting answers. designed for more complex organizations or those with several business units.

# 15. Broadly


Reputation Management Software Reviews help local service providers stand out from the crowd. Broadly, it supports this broadly by providing tools tailored to home services that may be used to promote new companies on internet listing sites. Encourage customer reviews and respond to them using a single inbox for all customer contacts.


  • Access your listings with a single click and ask for reviews.
  • Interact on Facebook and Google My Business through online and mobile devices.
  • For technical and tactical support, get in touch with specialist customer service.
  • Connect to third-party service applications such as ServiceTitan and Jobber.

Pricing is opaque, and getting a personalized estimate requires a demo. Some clients complain of a delay between the publication of reviews and notifications.