15 Best Call Center Software Most Popular Reviews

Call Center Software

Do you need Call Center Software for your company? Customers frequently call businesses to ask questions or for assistance. A call center software may improve the user experience and streamline customer assistance for your company. Without laying any new cables or needing to wait months for deployment, you can set up your call center software with the correct call center software free. Choose the best Call Center Software you require from phone, video, chat, and text to build up your team in hours rather than months. All of the ideas on this page only need access to the internet; you don’t need expensive Call Center Software.

15 Best Call Center Software Most Popular Reviews

You might even be able to manage your call center software requirements with the equipment you already have. We’ll discuss the finest simple call center software in this post so you can decide which is ideal for your company.

What is call center software software?

Call center software that assists businesses in managing high call volumes is called call center software. In general, call center software carries out operations including call routing, gathering caller data, activating pre-recorded FAQ responses, and diverting customers to other channels.

How does the phone system at a call center software?

In general, call center software phone systems operate by giving you the ability to gather caller data, draw data from and push data to other systems, and set up call flows in accordance with business requirements. When a consumer phones your company, for instance, your call center software phone system will ask them for their details. In order to give the call-handling agent better individualised service, the call center software companies can use that information to link it with an existing client record in your CRM.

Why should you utilise contact call center software?

Contact centre software may be used by any company with a significant frequency of incoming and/or outgoing phone calls to simultaneously increase the quality of their phone support service and lower ongoing operating expenses. For example, if most or all of the call-handling processes were automated, human mistakes would happen much less often and have much less of an effect.

By whom is call center software  used?

Industry-specific call center software is not always available. call center softwarephone systems may be used by organisations in healthcare, financial services, e-commerce, retail, technology, BPO, consulting, business services, and other sectors. However, a lot of businesses in such sectors don’t make use of call center software. Your company’s ability to handle high call volumes will determine everything.

The Best Call Center Software Where to Look

Providing customer service over the phone is a fantastic way to assist your users. It can be challenging for small firms that are expanding fast to manage a high volume of phone calls, though. With the aid of call center software, you may: reply to several phone calls at once; respond to consumer inquiries more rapidly; assist your sales staff in reaching more people; enhance the general support procedure; and boost customer happiness with the aid of call center software open source. When choosing call center software for small business for your company, there are a few characteristics you should consider, such as:

  • You should pick a software programme that provides automatic responses via IRVs, welcomes callers, and assists in directing them to the appropriate department.
  • Cloud Contact Center: With a cloud-based call center, your remote employees can help customers from anywhere in the world, even if they aren’t on-site.
  • With multichannel support, which is also called omnichannel routing, your customer service reps can use the same software to respond to questions from social media, live chat, email, phone calls, and other channels.
  • Search for software that offers voicemail and call routing options so that consumers may call for their needs even when the low cost call center software workers aren’t present.
  • By integrating customer relationship management (CRM) software, you can get the most out of your customer data and receive a full view of their call patterns, support requests, and other information.
  • Computer telephony integration, or CTI, is also part of some solutions. This lets users find customers by their phone numbers.
  • Options for reporting and analytics: To assess how well your customer assistance is functioning, your best call center software for small business should include extra reporting and analytics tools.
  • Call recording: By listening to recent call recordings, you may conduct quality management audits and training.

#1. Zendesk


The Zendesk ticketing system and the Zendesk call center software work together to make sure that customers have a good experience. Our software accelerates problem-solving for growing teams while monitoring and enhancing phone support operations. Your team will provide a superior customer experience across channels using Zendesk. You may be sure to discover a plan that meets your needs among our broad variety.

Enable the staff in your call centre

Your support team is less effective when they have to rush to take notes or write down conversations by hand. For a customer service person to be successful, they need to be able to give their full attention to their client. Zendesk equips your staff to perform at their peak levels more often by letting them concentrate on serving customers right away rather than sifting through information. Also, because our call centre software runs from a single central site, your staff can focus on starting a chat instead of using post-it notes, which is a risky system.

Assess yourself using call centre metrics

A centralised call center software also lets your team keep track of and evaluate every customer support interaction.Managers can figure out how well chat operators are doing by looking at customer tickets, call recordings, or the length of lines. With our unified reporting, you’ll quickly grasp how your phone support fits into multichannel operations and discover exactly how your organisation can grow.

Cloud-based option with simple installation

With Zendesk, teams can quickly get up and running with complete call centre capability thanks to its simple setup and comprehensive cloud-based architecture. So, there’s no need to work with IT, hire more people, or keep track of new vendors. Additionally, your cloud call centre solution will easily link you with your customers because our phone support software is directly integrated with the Zendesk ticketing system.


  • 90+ telephony suppliers with Zendesk Overflow, group, and after-hours call routing features.
  • IVR
  • SDKs, integrations, and APIs
  • Omnichannel assistance
  • In-depth reporting
  • Phone numbers with priority
  • “Web widget call”
  • SMS texting and voicemail
  • Call logging
  • external caller identification
  • Call forwarding and muting

#2. Webex


The call centre software offered by Webex is a strong competitor to take into consideration if dependability, ease of setup, and extensive features are among your goals. On this cloud-based system, up to 1,000 remote workers, on-site workers, or a combination of both, may work together smoothly and at the same time. Even though Webex has enterprise-level capabilities and sophistication, it is a great solution for small businesses that are just starting to set up a call center. Additionally, Webex may serve as your productivity suite if you’re seeking internal communication capabilities like video conferencing. They provide packages that focus only on call centre software, such as the Call plan, as well as packages that combine productivity and call centre features, known as the Meet + Call plan.


  • Unlimited local and domestic calls.
  • Never-ending messages
  • Call waiting, hold, transfer, and forwarding on the screen
  • phone conferences
  • Voicemail with visual call recording.
  • Digital whiteboarding

#3. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk

Did you know that Zoho Desk is a good option for your call centre solution? It’s also a help desk, a website builder, a customer relationship manager (CRM), and more. The Zoho call centre software is cloud-based, has a user-friendly user interface, and works well with everything else in the Zoho product ecosystem. Implementing, utilising, and maintaining the software will be very simple for Zoho Desk users. Additionally, you’ll be able to offer a fantastic customer and agent experience by taking advantage of the close connections with your other Zoho applications. Just remember that you need either the Professional or Enterprise subscription to use the call centre services.


  • Call logging reports and dashboards for calls
  • tracking of agent availability.
  • call-to-ticket conversion
  • Mute, hold, record, and transfer are all options.
  • Call queue administration.

#4. LiveAgent


LiveAgent is much more than just call centre software, like Zendesk. Full helpdesk features, including live chat, ticket management, omnichannel support, and more, are included in LiveAgent packages. The LiveAgent All-in-One package gives you access to the call centre software tools as well as the helpdesk functions mentioned above. LiveAgent may contain numerous capabilities you don’t absolutely need if your focus is only on call centre software. However, you are welcome to test it out if you still want to. LiveAgent provides free trials that can last up to 14 days. To make sure you like the software, ask to have your trial period extended if you need more time.


  • Chat satisfaction tests for chat
  • Numerous agent gadgets
  • call videos
  • IVR Advanced Reporting makes use of an API as well as interfaces.
  • Call for routing and transfers.
  • Numerous call recordings

#5. TalkDesk


While some call centres just take incoming or outgoing calls, others handle both. TalkDesk gives you the tools you need to handle both types of calls in hybrid call centers. The deployment is done entirely in the cloud, so you don’t need to install any new software on your own PCs. TalkDesk has handy, contemporary features, including a simple mobile app that agents may use anywhere. Additionally, the software is incredibly adaptable; you can even handle calls when there is low call volume or staffing by using capabilities for after-hours or part-time personnel. There are no free trials, but you can ask for a demo of the software for any of TalkDesk’s four plan types.


  • More than 60 pre-installed integrations, 80+
  • the AppConnect store.
  • API accessibility
  • artificial agent
  • screen capture
  • Conversations
  • mobile app
  • Feedback
  • Echtzeit dashboards
  • A self-service website

#6. GoToConnect


If you are familiar with the concept of software as a service, GoToConnect’s contact centre as a service could be of interest to you. The only difference between CCaaS and SaaS is that CCaaS is only applicable to call centre software. GoToConnect offers a number of call centre services that are all done in the cloud, just like SaaS. The flexible contact centre software from GoToConnect can help inbound, outbound, and hybrid call centers. Additionally, if you decide that you prefer the contact centre software, you may add a VoIP service to set up an internal phone system for your company. Of course, the fact that GoToConnect is known for being reliable and having a lot of experience in the field also helps.


  • Emailing voicemails and audio conferencing
  • Porting an existing number
  • endless extensions
  • Call routing is efficient.
  • Call queues, ring groups, and call forwarding

#7. NICE CXone


The goal of NICE CXone is to give your agents the tools they need to provide better, more effective customer service. It does this by putting customer context and advanced call centre functionality into a single, easy-to-use interface. NICE CXone is a real corporate solution, even though it could work for smaller businesses. Larger, more complicated service firms will have access to everything they need to run their call centres more efficiently. Also, NICE CXone has a wide range of tools that managers can use to improve customer service and cut costs at the same time. These features also include tools for quality management and staff planning, which help to make sure that resource planning and service delivery are always getting better.


  • automation processes
  • Routing of tickets
  • indigenous integrations
  • know-how base API
  • Employer management
  • customer feedback
  • Software for live chat
  • reporting and monitoring.

#8. Bitrix24


Similar to Zoho Desk in terms of call centre software, Bitrix24 is less well-known in the industry. Bitrix offers standalone CRM, project management tools, and call centre functionalities that handle incoming, outbound, external, and internal calling requirements. Bitrix’s free plan is a significant benefit. Even though it has few features, the free plan can give you a good idea of what the Bitrix interface is like. From there, you can make a better decision about whether or not your business needs the flexible contact centre software from Bitrix24.


  • Setting call routing, transfer, and forwarding for HD video calls during business hours
  • IVR callback widget
  • Call transcription pause speed for call recordings
  • Dialing by Computer

#9. Dialpad


Dialpad is a very modern call centre solution that has a lot of features for both incoming and outgoing calls. It has many unique and cutting-edge features, such as call sentiment analysis, real-time text transcription, and an AI that can automatically make call scripts for agents based on the questions they are asked. Additionally, you can stay connected on any device, anywhere thanks to its mobile app. The prices for Dialpad’s software, which comes in two different versions called Enterprise and Pro, are also different. You must buy a minimum of three licences to use Pro. You must buy at least 100 licences to use Enterprise.


  • Support for toll-free numbers
  • Back-in-line callback
  • reporting and analytics.
  • Alerts for call history managers
  • Sentiment analysis in real-time transcription
  • smart phone

#10. Five9


Usage fees for call centre software can quickly add up when your consumers are spread far and wide and you are responsible for long-distance expenses. But Five9 supports a top-notch calling experience for both clients and agents while helping you control operational expenses. Depending on your demands, these packages may be configured on your existing equipment and include no-cost long-distance calling. Five9 provides a wide range of phone solutions, including business VOIP, in addition to their potent call centre software. Simply put, you can meet all of your phone needs with one or more of Five9’s packages.


  • routing across channels.
  • Automatic dialling
  • A sophisticated virtual helper
  • Historical and real-time dashboards
  • Process automation
  • external dialer
  • Call logging
  • online callback

#11. CallHippo


CallHippo is a smart call centre solution that makes incoming and outbound dialling easier. It was created for support and sales teams. This cloud-based phone service comes in four different versions for small businesses, startups, SMBs, and large corporations. But you might need a higher-tier package if you want the most advanced features, no matter how big your team is. In addition to their services, CallHippo offers paid add-ons like personalised caller ID, call transcription, voicemail transcription, and more. Check out CallHippo’s price page to get a sense of the numerous combinations of packages and add-ons you may purchase.


  • Call routing based on skills
  • Call recording is free of charge.
  • Call queueing Call tagging
  • Power phone
  • Multi-level IVR Call script with Call Barging

#12. Twilio Flex

Twilio Flex

Twilio is an intriguing option if you’re a DIYer with the time and money to hire developers, or if you already have a team of engineers who are familiar with APIs. Twilio Flex offers a Voice SDK and an open API that your developers may use to construct a call centre solution that is completely tailored to your business’s requirements, wants, goals, and ambitions, as opposed to pre-packaged software. With Twilio, you have the option of doing anything from custom developing your own web-based call centre application to call transcription and queue management. Simply said, Twilio can be used to build whatever feature you’d desire in an enterprise-level call centre system. You have a choice between paying a fixed charge or a usage-based price with Twilio.


  • Twilio Call Tracking Options
  • Integrated calling
  • Voice-activated interaction (IVR)
  • Calling APIs and SDKs with masks
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Transcription of a Call
  • Recognition of voice
  • Omnichannel assistance
  • Dashboards and reports

#13. VICIDial


VICIDial is a choice to take into account if you’re looking for open-source, hosted contact centre software. The software is entirely open-source, so using, modifying, or disseminating it doesn’t require paying anything up front. However, in reality, you need to invest money to set up and use VICIDial. Since VICIDial is open source, you’ll need the help of a professional developer to put it to use. You have the option to pay for the hosting services that VICIDIAL provides. Your software and data will be kept on a specific VICIDIAL server when you use VICIDIAL hosting. Once it’s set up, VICIDial has all the features you’d expect from a call center, including outgoing and incoming calls, as well as email and website chat.


  • Unclosed-source software
  • Calls are both inbound and outbound.
  • Chat on websites and emails
  • Routes based on skills
  • Personalized hosting
  • Prioritizing the queue

#14. Aircall


A cloud-based call centre system called Aircall markets itself as a tool that increases efficiency for support and sales teams. Some of its main benefits are that it is easy to set up on your own hardware (unless you choose to upgrade), it has a lot of logical integrations, real-time monitoring, and project management tools. If you choose to connect Aircall to your helpdesk or CRM, which you should, you can use useful features like automation and call activity tracking. Also, all of Aircall’s plans include unlimited calls to and from anywhere in the continental United States and Canada.


  • Email voicemail
  • Call analysis
  • Automation after calls
  • Click-to-dial
  • Whispering, call tagging, and call monitoring
  • Integrating the support desk with CRM
  • Automatic dialling

#15. 3CX


With 3CX, call centre employees and their supervisors may hold virtual meetings via web conferencing and provide customer service in a variety of ways, including over the phone and through live chat. Additionally, 3CX offers on-premise, hosted, and cloud-based alternatives for contact centre software deployment if you desire flexibility. 3CX has enterprise-level features and deployment flexibility, like call pop-ups, click-to-call, call logs, and a lot more. And you can easily combine 3CX with Zendesk if you currently use Zendesk for ticket management and enjoy the contact centre software.


  • Call Pop-ups with Contact Synchronization
  • Call diaries
  • Integrations with Zendesk and other well-known apps
  • To Call, Press
  • Browser Add-On: 3CX