15 Best Zoho Expense Alternatives For Expense Management

Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense streamlines and automates business travel and spend from start to finish. From travel booking to expense reporting and approval, we have you covered. Receipt to expense claim conversion, report submission approval, and card reconciliation can all be automated. This makes it easier and takes less time to process expense reports, which saves money in the long run. Better spend control is provided by multi-level approval, spending rules and limits, budgeting, and analytics. Sign up for a free trial of Zoho Expense now to see it in action!

What is the price of Zoho Expense?

No credit card is required for a 28-day free trial of the Premium Plan. The free plan costs $0. Up to three users are permitted. receipt storage space of 5 GBPremium plan: $5 per month per active user, billed annually. Three users are required. Receipt storage is unlimited, and auto scans are available. Enterprise plan: $8/month per active user, billed annually. 500 users are required. customization and advanced integrations. See What is Airmeet? Best Competitors To Airmeet – Tendingtech.

15 Best Zoho Expense Alternatives For Expense Management

Following are some of the great alternatives and Competitors to Zoho Expense.

#1. Fyle

Zoho Expense

Fyle Alternative Zoho Expense to is a credit card spend management platform that enables finance teams and employees to easily track expenses, reconcile corporate card transactions for business credit cards, and seamlessly integrate with accounting platforms, saving hours of time and manual effort.

Fyle does what else?

  • Fyle performs real-time credit card reconciliations for business credit cards powered by Visa (extending to other payment networks soon).
  • Fyle sends an SMS for every new transaction, and all the employee has to do is reply with a picture of the receipt for the transaction to be automatically reconciled.
  • Admins can use Fyle to set up approval workflows across projects, locations, departments, and cost centres.
  • Approvers can also approve, comment on, or send back reports from Slack, Gmail, Teams, Fyle’s mobile app, or the web app while on the go.
  • Fyle integrates with major accounting platforms such as NetSuite, Sage Intacct, QuickBooks Online, and Xero, allowing for seamless accounting.

#2. Emburse

Zoho Expense

Another Zoho Expense alternative Emburse brings together some of the most powerful and trusted financial automation solutions on the market. As part of our product line, Emburse Certify promises to make work more human while giving growing companies solutions for expenses, accounts payable, and business travel.

Through automation and superior customer service, Certify Expense effortlessly streamlines your operations. Create reports for employees automatically, streamline approvals, and make reimbursement and reporting simple for accountants. IDC has rated Certify as a leader in expense management, and it is used by over 4,000 organisations, including Boot Barn, H&R Block, and Virgin Galactic, to streamline expense processing, purchasing, and travel booking.

#3. Divvy

Zoho Expense

Divvy has made expense management software that works well with business cards. This means that you don’t have to fill out another expense report. You can use Divvy to provide real-time visibility into all spending by leveraging faster expense reporting, enforceable budgets, and a single platform. Ready to gain more control and streamline your spending management on a single, user-friendly platform? Get Divvy today to empower your team and save time for everyone (including yourself).

Divvy offers its customers a substantial credit line and makes going over budget virtually impossible. With Divvy, you can eliminate costly resorts and simplify the AP process for free. It’s a best alternative to Zoho Expense.

#4. Itilite

Zoho Expense

It is a SaaS-based integrated travel and expense management platform that enables finance, HR, and travel leaders to keep business employees safe while controlling costs and providing a delightful experience. Itilit’s AI-powered system learns from your previous bookings and preferences and displays only the most relevant options. It is also a great Zoho Expense alternative.

#5. Emburse Nexonia

Zoho Expense

Another competition to Zoho Expense. Emburse brings together some of the most powerful and trusted financial automation solutions on the market. Emburse Nexonia is one of our products. It promises to make work more human, and it offers solutions for Intacct and NetSuite for tracking expenses, accounts payable, and time.

Customers choose Nexonia because of:

  • -Extensive integration with ERP and accounting systems
  • -Quick expense submissions via a simple mobile app
  • -Handles intricate approval workflows

Nexonia’s easy-to-use application is fully integrated with ERPs, credit cards, and other systems that support a wide range of businesses and is intended to streamline the reporting and approval process, improve human resource management, and boost operational efficiency. Organizations such as CrossFit, Hamamatsu Corporation, and Lufthansa System rely on Nexonia.

#6. Findity

Zoho Expense

Another alternative to Zoho Expense. Findity is a living expense management application. Manage all of your expenses, mileage, and per diems in a single location that is fully compliant and automated. The app integrates with your existing tools and cards, allowing you to reclaim time and make the most of your day.

#7. Expensemanager

Zoho Expense

Spending automation that is intelligentExpenses, supplier invoices, purchase orders, and travel spend can all be managed from a single platform. All with budget transparency. In a single powerful solution, expensemanager will boost your productivity, keep your employees happy, and save your company time and money. Businesses can use our expense module first, then invoices and purchase orders later, or all at once, thanks to the modular approach’s flexibility. You have the vision, you decide on the workflow, and we put it into action. A solution tailored to your specific business requirements. Knowledge, development, installation, and support Our team is dedicated to providing world-class technology while providing personal and expert service. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and simplify our product. Customer feedback is critical to our development. All of the features are for larger businesses, but we stick to our original vision of providing cutting-edge technology at an affordable price. It is also a great alternative to Zoho Expense for Expense management.

#8. SAP Concur

Zoho Expense

SAP Concur Expense automates your expenses from receipt to reimbursement. SAP Concur, a leading cloud-based expense and travel management software solution, assists finance executives in managing travel expenses and cash flows. SAP Concur Expense, which is both business-ready and user-friendly, easily captures receipts, enforces spending policies, processes expense reports, and makes better business decisions based on accurate and timely data. Concur Expense makes it easier to create expense reports by pre-populating charges from credit cards, selecting suppliers, and adding receipt photos. Employees can enter transaction data, take photos of receipts, and submit expense reports, while managers can quickly review and approve expense reports. Using electronic receipts from airlines, hotels, restaurants, and ground transportation services, automatically populates expense reports.

#9. ExpensePoint

Zoho Expense

ExpensePoint is a simple-to-use mobile expense management software solution that allows employees to create, submit, approve, and process expense reports from any location and at any time. This all-inclusive expense management application is ideal for small and large multinational corporations looking to fully automate their employee expense reporting processes. There are many important features, such as receipt imaging, credit card integration, access from multiple devices, approval routing, employee reimbursement (ACH), and policy enforcement.

#10. Expensify

Zoho Expense

Expenses are tracked, bills are paid, invoices are generated, payments are collected, trips are planned, and company credit cards are managed. All of your preliminary accounting in one app. Expense Management: Use SmartScan to take a photo of a receipt for easy expense reporting, approval, next-day reimbursement, and syncing with accounting software. Expensify Card: Get the best business credit card for even faster expense reporting, making corporate card reconciliation and expenses a breeze. Expensify will track, approve, and pay your vendor bills automatically. Invoices—Create and send invoices while collecting payments and automatically syncing with your accounting software. Concierge, your personal trip planner, can help you book flights, hotels, and cars. Split bills, request payments, and chat with friends with Personal Payments. Try it out at Expensify.cash!

#11. ExpenseTron

Zoho Expense

Slack provides simple expense reporting. Team expenses are tracked and reimbursed using the Slack app. Begin your 14-day free trial. There is no credit card required. You may cancel at any time.ExpenseTron works on Slack and automates all mundane expense-filing tasks. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to real-time expense filings, approvals, and reimbursements. Never be concerned about misplaced receipts. Simply take a photo of your receipt and send it to Slack. Alternatively, simply forward the email receipt. Simply enter the distance travelled and we will convert it to a monetary value for expenses. There is no longer any need to keep a manual mileage log. Expenses should be recorded in the currency of the invoice. ExpenseTron automatically converts it to your accounting software’s currency using real-time currency conversion rates.

#12. TriNet Expense

Zoho Expense


Say goodbye to time-consuming expense tracking and management. Expenses can be easily imported using auto-importing from a bank account, credit card, CSV format, or our mobile expense app. Expenses can also be entered in one of 160 different foreign currencies and converted to the user’s base currency. HR does not always take place in the office. Our mobile expense app allows you to approve and reimburse your employees at any time. Choose between iOS and Android device apps to track cash expenditures and mileage, take photos of receipts, or edit existing expenses imported from a credit card. It only takes a few clicks to record and track mileage online or via our mobile app. Simply enter the starting and ending points, and the app will calculate the distance for you. Drag the mileage direction line to the actual route driven for more accurate calculations.

#13. ABUKAI 

Zoho Expense

ABUKAI Expenses automates the tedious work of creating expense reports, such as typing data from receipts, categorising expenses, and looking up exchange rates. ABUKAI reads your receipts and converts them into an expense report automatically. You will receive expense reports via email as an Excel spreadsheet with your receipt images attached in a PDF with the standard version available for download. You will receive your completed expense report, complete with cost categorization, date, vendor, and all relevant information. QuickBooks, CSV, and OFX files for use with popular accounting and financial software are also included for use with popular accounting and financial software.Furthermore, ABUKAI can customise the expense report and expense categorization to your company’s existing Excel format or post the expenses directly into your company’s existing web expense portal.

#14. Expend

Zoho Expense


Expend is revolutionising the way businesses manage their expenses and spending. Get rid of multiple apps, logins, and subscriptions. Say hello to an AI-assisted future free of administration and inaccurate data. With our world-class expense management platform, you can consolidate, simplify, and save. Your business expenses are covered by Expend. Everything is included. Everything is fantastic. Every business is unique, which is why we provide support for all payment types in addition to our smarter Expend Mastercards. We’ve also made it incredibly simple to import or create your own categories, tax types, and security rules to match your organization’s needs. Invite your accountant to assist you with your MTD filings so that you can reclaim more VAT. We’ve also made it easy for accountants and business managers to switch between them by letting them use the same login.

#15. Expense8

Zoho Expense

Expense8 is an easy-to-use travel and expense management solution. We customise our solution to your specific organisational needs, collaborating with your business systems and requirements. Expense8 is built on a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, which allows you to save money on software licencing, server maintenance, and storage. Expense8 saves time on reconciliation by efficiently managing your corporate expenses via a simple and user-friendly interface. Your employees are guided through a simple process that eliminates the need for any financial or tax knowledge. Employees can use the Corporate Travel module to plan, book, and reconcile travel expenses all in one place. This module saves your employees time and effort when planning travel because it combines pre-trip approval, an online booking tool, and a way to keep track of expenses.


How does the Zoho expense system work?

Zoho Expense is an online expense reporting tool that allows you to track and report on all of your business expenses. You can upload a receipt or record a business expense in Zoho Expense whenever you incur one. When you upload a receipt for an expense, it is scanned and turned into an expense automatically.

How do I make Zoho expenses billable?

Select Expenses from the Purchases drop-down menu on the left sidebar. Select the expense you’ve designated as billable and click the Convert To Invoice button. A new invoice will be displayed on the screen. To send the billed expense to your customer, enter the necessary information and click Save and Send.