22 Best Totango Alternatives For Customer Success In 2022

Totango is a cloud-based platform for customer success and retention. Managing all post-sales operations, it helps a company increase client success, adoption, retention, and expansion. It boosts conversion rates by gathering customer information, monitoring data for relevant customer health changes, and encouraging proactive interaction by customer success teams.

Totango’s Spark provides users with information on their customers’ health scores, usage, and status. It aids in the optimization of customer operations through the use of scorecards and communication templates, as well as through continual tests of changing customer expectations. It also provides Zoe, with a three-step process. It obtains information, encourages engagement, and takes action to benefit consumers.

Totango’s solution partners include SAP, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Slack, and Perkville. Deloitte, PwC, and Satrix Solutions are among its implementation partners. Dropbox, Segment, and GoodData are among its integration partners.

Totango is ideally suited for:

  • Management of Customer Relationships
  • ideal for all sizes of businesses.
  • It supports a variety of platforms.

Totango is the fastest-growing and most trusted customer success leader in orchestrating and transforming revenue experiences. This Totango SuccessBLOCs, a visual, no-code modular solution, enables teams to create revolutionary customer journeys that narrow the Revenue Experience GapTM rapidly and generate revenue growth at scale.  The software Totango is trusted by thousands of organizations ranging from start-ups to the fastest-growing corporations to swiftly and continually create, optimize, and administer their client engagements. Totango customers benefit from speedier onboarding of new customers, improved product uptake and value for their users, lower churn, and increased revenue growth.

22 Best Totango Alternatives For Customer Success In 2022

Discover the top Totango alternatives and competitors. Examine 22 prominent customer relationship management platforms in depth to determine which one is best for you. Learn how these Customer Relationship Management software programs stack up against Totango in terms of features, simplicity of use, customer care, support, and actual user reviews.

#1. Pipedrive


Pipedrive is a web-based sales CRM and pipeline management tool that allows firms to organize and track their sales operations. This software which was created utilizing an activity-based selling approach simplifies every step involved in transforming a potential contract into a successful sale. As a cloud-based program, the solution is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via any web browser or dedicated mobile app.

Pipedrive gives salespeople complete visibility throughout several sales funnels. A solid interface shows the progress stages for each deal, as well as the comprehensive specifics for the following actionable items. Users may track the pending activities in each pipeline using the activity and objective functionality. Pipedrive also provides unique sales reporting solutions for tracking individual and team goals, analyzing sales data, and creating visual reports.

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#2. Bitrix24


Bitrix24 is a web-based workplace designed for small, medium, and large organizations.  Switching to Bitrix24 eliminates the need to subscribe to several SaaS solutions.

Bitrix24 is one of the most popular business software systems in the world, with over 10 million users. Users may use the program to monitor and manage client interactions, gather and store lead data, produce sales reports, and segment target audiences.

Leads obtained from a user’s website (for example, via an order or feedback form) can be instantly put into the CRM. After that, users may build message templates, send individual or group emails to prospects and contacts, take notes on client interactions, organize meetings, and assign tasks.

#3. SysAid


SysAid like Totango is a cloud-based IT service management, service desk, and help desk solution that assists users in enterprises of all sizes and sectors in resolving technological challenges. Help desk automation, asset management, patch management, network monitoring, reporting, and performance analysis with configurable dashboards are among the key features. The system is also available for on-premise deployment.

SysAid ITSM includes management capabilities for incidents, issues, change, service level objectives, and resolution knowledge. It also includes features such as a self-service portal, password reset, and service desk process automation. IT Asset Management includes things like patch management, monitoring of hardware and networks, and finding new networks.

SysAid delivers standard and customized performance and status reports on incidents, issues, quality, project tasks, and other topics.

#4. Odoo


Odoo has A module that can be used both online and offline, gives retailers the same information, and has a feature for managing inventory. Odoo’s POS module is one of several open-source business modules available, including accounting, marketing, warehouse management, and project management.

The email marketing function enables companies to send personalized emails to clients, notifying them of special offers and discount campaigns. Retailers may also set up rewards and loyalty programs to provide discounts and other promotional perks to their loyal consumers.

Odoo POS is best suited for small to medium-sized retail businesses with two to ten locations. Monthly and yearly subscriptions are offered for the solution. Users can contact Odoo’s support service by phone or email.

#4. SAP Customer


SAP Customer Experience yet another alternative to Totango is a cloud-based customer relationship management system that assists small and medium-sized organizations in managing communication and interactions with current and prospective customers. It assists companies in managing their sales funnel, clients, and marketing activities.

SAP Customer Experience includes built-in capabilities for sales automation, marketing automation, customer care, help desk, and channel management. The system is also available for on-premise deployment.

By efficiently managing the sales funnel, the sales module assists enterprises in acquiring and retaining new business. The marketing module is intended to help you create, execute, and manage effective marketing campaigns and score and nurture leads. By giving customers more help, the service module helps companies increase customer satisfaction and keep more of their clients.

#5. Zendesk


Zendesk is a help desk management solution that is cloud-based and provides configurable tools for creating customer support portals, knowledge bases, and online communities. This software is used in a wide range of vertical areas, from small to big, including technology, government, media, and retail.

Zendesk’s online customer portal assists support agents in keeping track of tickets that have been raised and their progress. Customers can search current tickets for solutions to similar questions, and if they are not pleased, they can create their tickets on the site. Zendesk also provides support page branding with business logos, themes, and brand pictures.

Zendesk enables organizations to create a knowledge base to cover some of the most common and repetitive concerns, allowing consumers to browse through the most frequently asked topics. Businesses may also use Zendesk to create an online community where their consumers can ask questions and respond to existing conversation threads.

#6. Oracle Cloud Cx


Businesses striving to fulfill their customers’ high service expectations are guaranteed to be valued and supported by Oracle Cloud CX.

Many users utilize the internet daily for business, research, pleasure, and other purposes. At any time, Oracle Cloud CX provides a company’s customers with a supporting, branded online experience from a computer or smartphone, allowing them to conduct research, address issues, and purchase goods and services. Consumers today are also always on the go, and they are just as likely to browse your site on their smartphone as they are on a desktop computer. This technology makes services work better on a wide range of smart devices so that the online experience is the same on all of them.

#7. Maximizer CRM

maximizer crm

Maximizer CRM is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) like Totango solution for businesses of all sizes and sectors. This solution is available for both on-premise and cloud deployment.

Maximizer CRM includes solutions for sales management, marketing automation, customer care, support, and company efficiency, as well as connectivity with Microsoft products including Outlook, Word, Excel, and SharePoint. The marketing automation aspect of the product comprises integrated campaign planning, email campaigns, and marketing analytics. Using list management features, users can target leads and customers and search and filter customer data based on criteria that have already been set.

The sales management component of Maximizer CRM enables sales team monitoring using measuring criteria such as closure and abandonment rate. Customers and prospects can be classified based on their location, time zone, items purchased, and other factors. Maximizer CRM also features business intelligence tools, including pre-built, customized dashboards as well as Excel, Web, and SQL reports.

#8. Freshdesk


Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support software that enables organizations to deliver seamless service at every point of contact with their customers. This alternative of Totango enables businesses to monitor customer conversations across email, phone, chat, social media, and instant messaging; improve agent productivity with smart automation; provide self-service experiences with AI chatbots and branded help centers, and track key performance metrics using powerful analytics.

#9. HubSpot CRM


HubSpot CRM’s cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software assists businesses of all sizes in tracking and nurturing leads as well as analyzing company data.  Outbound and inbound marketing, sales automation, sales pipeline management, customer relations management, email tracking, lead management, contact management, and more functions are available.

HubSpot CRM has a visual dashboard that displays the full sales funnel in real-time. Businesses may use the CRM system to automatically track customer interactions via email, social media, live chat, or phone calls, and each contact is saved in a timeline categorized by lead. The HubSpot CRM marketing tool has tools for generating leads and automating email marketing. These tools help companies make and manage email templates and track how well those emails work.

#10. Avidian


Avidian is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution that may be coupled with Microsoft Outlook to increase its functionality. Multiple sales teams can use the solution to put all of their emails, contacts, calendar information, and conversation records into a single application.

Daily, avidian automates the tracking of Outlook-based emails, meetings, contacts, and calendar invitations. Users may work directly with one application and follow activity in the sales pipeline using a single Outlook interface. The technology gives salespeople critical sales process information as well as the ability to track winning and lost prospects.

Salespeople may use the avidian dashboard to manage customer interaction, analyze their pipeline and planned activities, arrange follow-ups, prioritize tasks, and set reminders for crucial milestones throughout the sales pitch.

#11. Five9


Five9 is a global, all-in-one cloud contact center solution for inbound, outbound, mixed, and omnichannel contact centers., This alternative of totango which is powered by Practical AI, gives agents the tools they need to give great customer service over the phone, email, chat, mobile, social media, and other channels. To triple agent conversation time, four calling options bypass no-answers and busy signals.

To free up agents for high-value encounters, Five9’s IVR with speech recognition may be utilized for basic client inquiries. Real-time analytics and dashboards are used to monitor, evaluate, and report on contact center performance, and all interactions are instantly synced with CRM. The contact center may be up and running in a couple of days and scaled up or down depending on the needs of the business.

#12. JobNimbus


JobNimbus combines CRM and project management tools into a single application. The platform is a comprehensive solution developed to assist contractors (roofing and construction experts) in streamlining communication and managing their workforce. JobNimbus is the location to precisely update and maintain all corporate information, from customer contacts to scheduling, job boards to lead acquisition, and jobs to payments.

Improve your team’s visibility with the Boards feature, which enables rapid access to work status as well as the ability to move jobs through your process with a simple drag and drop. The ease of use of tracking boards allows you to rapidly identify bottlenecks.

You can fully personalize your workflow on both the web and mobile app using the JobNimbus platform, allowing you to focus on all of your business activities. Contractors may use the mobile app to update the progress of projects while on the road, using their iOS or Android-powered smartphones. Users can get to all of their company’s needs quickly because they have more options and can change things more than anyone else.

#13. ProBusninessTools


ProBusinessTools is a cloud-based service management system that is appropriate for businesses of all sizes. ProBusinessTools helps make the service process more efficient, from scheduling and dispatching to managing inventory, technicians, reports, and more. Construction, real estate, utilities, hotels, and other businesses can benefit from ProBusinessTools. For on-site technicians, the solution includes a mobile app.

The system’s customer relationship management (CRM) feature makes it simple for users to locate and monitor customers. The service scheduling modules have an interface that looks like a calendar and keeps track of fleet miles and distances. This lets dispatchers send out the best technician for the job.

All work orders are kept in a single database by ProBusinessTools, giving you visibility into open orders, requests, planned calls, and so on.

#14. Froged


Froged is a behavioral messaging program that can assist users in improving their business by locating a pool of satisfied consumers. With the aid of this program, it is simple to determine what is most important for each client and proceed to give them better service. The program enables users to create more effective campaigns and get greater outcomes. It enables the tracking of events and the analysis of client behavior when they visit a website. Users can boost customer satisfaction by delivering campaigns that indicate the condition of items.

This software may be installed to assure a broad customer base. With the use of automated campaigns, users may deliver customized messages after analyzing the customer’s path and increasing positive interaction.

#15. InfoFlo


InfoFlo is a comprehensive CRM system that can be used online or installed locally. Users can also use InfoFlo’s main features, such as email marketing, scheduling appointments and meetings, project management, Skype and Outlook integration, and task management, which can all be shared in real-time among team members.

InfoFlo will collaborate with customers to create a CRM that is tailored to their company’s size and demands. Small to large B2B enterprises in a range of industries, including accountancy, software, construction, real estate, healthcare, and others, can use the service. As add-ons, it also provides project management, email marketing, invoicing, and document management modules.

#16.  ChurnZero


ChurnZero is an easy-to-use customer success platform that assists subscription businesses in understanding their customers’ product consumption as well as analyzing their health. It enables organizations to customize their client experience by attaining timely and relevant touchpoints. It may also be used to save time by allowing users to manage internal accounts, calendars, notes, and to-dos from a single page. ChurnZero’s data-rich ChurnScore provides a comprehensive view of their customer’s health and the likelihood of renewal.

Customers may be targeted based on firmographics, product consumption, lifecycle, and behavioral data. Furthermore, companies receive real-time notifications on everything from usage declines to milestone celebrations, allowing them to maintain stronger ties with their consumers. The software also assists users in controlling the client’s life cycle by giving the desired experience to foster long-term loyalty. Users may improve their customers’ experiences by providing guided product tours and training.

#17. Gainsight


Gainsight PX is a product experience monitoring tool that provides extensive insights into product-based engagement levels and user statistics to help businesses flourish. It provides enterprises with a deep user-centric understanding of certain products, allowing them to collect feedback and develop in-app modules such as tutorials, walkthroughs, and so on for improved adoption and onboarding. The software’s powerful analytics enables real-time detection of important drop-off spots.

Gainsight PX also includes codeless technology, which allows customers to deliver features without the need for developer resources. Organizations can also send emails and notifications based on usage or non-usage. Within the platform, brands may create user-specific targeted surveys or they can choose from pre-built templates. Businesses can make the customer experience better by setting up automatic follow-ups in person based on the answers they get.

#18. Planhat


Planhat is a sophisticated consumer success tool that assists businesses with data monitoring, project management, and customer experience enhancement. Hundreds of modern technology companies all around the world rely on Planhat to maximize client success and lifetime value. The program may centralize all customer-related data and provide configurable dashboards to determine what adds value and what doesn’t.

Aside from optimizing the customer lifecycle through the use of playbooks, triggers, alerts, and automation, Planhat may also be coupled with pre-existing business tools to provide a unified picture of customer-related data in real-time.  Planhat’s comprehensive revenue management capabilities eliminate the need for pivot charts and large spreadsheets. On the other hand, they may get a quick summary of new reservations, renewals that are coming up, and overall progress.

#19. Salesforce


Salesforce is a futuristic customer relationship management software that connects businesses and their customers. The integrated software provides divisions such as commerce, marketing, sales, and service with a single view of each customer. Furthermore, businesses may use the special to provide outstanding buying experiences to individual consumers, automate time-consuming tasks, provide swift resolution to client inquiries, and strategize tailored marketing schemes.

The solution caters to retail, automotive, higher education, public sector, media, communication, hospitality, transportation, nonprofit, and other industries. Einstein, an AI-powered chatbot that is part of the program, lets businesses look at their past interactions with specific customers and better understand their questions.

#20. Freshworks


Freshworks is Intelligent Client Success software that helps you decrease churn, grow your client base, and strengthen customer relationships. It finds new champions and expansion opportunities while also proactively mitigating consumer risk. You may also standardize procedures, automate activities, and set best practices for your customer success team.

Freshworks enables you to collect user behavior inside your product, sync customer information from other business applications, and compute account health based on customer behavior, support ticket trends, NPS responses, and other factors. With this program, you may assign an owner, a priority, and a due date to keep your job on track. When you include comments and attachments, important information will not be buried in emails or spreadsheets.

#21.  ClientSuccess


ClientSuccess is a piece of software that helps businesses and organizations manage customer retention and growth. The tool eliminates the need to log in to help desks, CRMs, data warehouses, and spreadsheets to find out what’s going on with a client. Businesses can keep track of their clients by understanding what needs to happen at each step, whether it’s onboarding or planning for renewal. Users may develop elegant and engaging playbooks to ensure that their clients receive good service.

It enables users to keep track of their customers’ health and receive warnings and notifications before anything goes wrong. It assists users in remaining prepared for one-on-ones and other leadership meetings. The tool gives users the information they need to keep track of and measure client growth and retention.

#22. Properstack


ProsperStack uses targeted offers to save clients and collect feedback so that you can make an educated product, price, and remarketing decisions. Convert your cancellation flow into an effective churn-prevention tool. Offer unique deals based on the reason a consumer is leaving. Analyze and tweak results at any moment to understand what works best. A McKinsey study found that getting old clients back can cost up to ten times less than getting new ones.


What is the purpose of totango?

Totango is a cloud-based platform for customer success and retention. It helps a company increase client success, adoption, retention, and growth by taking care of all post-sales operations.

Totango, is it free?

Totango has always been focused on assisting businesses in achieving customer success, and making our platform available to businesses of all sizes is part of that mission. Our Community Edition is the only one like it on the market and is available for free forever.

What exactly is Totango.com?

Totango is the first independent customer success platform that can handle many different products and complicated account hierarchies.

What exactly is Tango Spark?

Totango Spark is a customer success solution that will assist your team in reaching their objectives. Our customer data platform keeps an eye on all customer health signals and takes action proactively at scale. This makes customer success teams more focused and proactive, which increases productivity and lowers the number of customers who leave.

Is Totango traded publicly?

Totango is a privately held corporation. The founders opted to keep the firm private rather than apply for an IPO to take it public. As a result, shares of Totango stock are not listed on any of the public stock markets.