15 Best Managed File Transfer Software To Try In 2022

Managed File Transfer Software is a programme that centralises the regulated and secure transfer of data within and outside of a business, as well as between systems and/or people. It swiftly and securely sends files. These technologies boost efficiency and agility by eliminating the need for scripting.

Managed File Transfer Software

Businesses can use batch scripts or Managed File Transfer Software to automate file transfers. As a result, MFT activities are frequently managed independently of the wider automation system, and day-to-day business procedures become complicated.

Businesses may overcome this challenge by using different Managed File Transfer Software (MFT) or by using a single workload automation solution that will streamline and simplify MFT procedures throughout the firm. See 20 Best Call Centre Dialers You Can Use In 2022.

The Advantages of File Transfer Solutions

Managed File Transfer Software (MFT) offers a quick and dependable option for developing and maintaining Managed File Transfer Workflow. End users benefit from more visibility and control over secure file transfers. End-to-end automation will be simple and trustworthy since MFT procedures may be readily integrated with associated tasks. When file transfer activity is prompted by events, it gives real-time access to data.

Managed File Transfer software allows for real-time monitoring and repair. It aids in the reduction of mistakes and the improvement of SLAs. You will be able to develop and automate workflows without scripting and in half the time with the aid of these tools.

Features of Managed File Transfer Software

  • Machine learning, analytics, scheduling, alerting, and auditing capabilities in Managed File Transfer Automation Solutions make data sharing more trustworthy.
  • These utilities provide a plethora of production-ready operations such as MoveFile, CopyFile, and so on.
  • These programmes have built-in checks to ensure that files are successfully sent.
  • It features automatic transfer restart settings that can restart the transfer if an error is detected.
  • It has superior parallel transfer capabilities.
  • Bulk files and data can be exchanged without the need for back-to-back connections to the trade partner’s FTP server.

15 Best Managed File Transfer Software

Here is the list of best-managed file transfer software To Try.

#1. Pro2col MFT

Managed File Transfer Software

Cloud Managed File Transfers, File Sharing & Safe Email, Managed File Transfer, and Managed File Transfer Analytics are Pro2col’s four secure file transfer products. It offers secure, military-grade cloud hosting with a uptime guarantee of 99.99 percent.This system provides great dependability and performance.


  • By collaborating with the leading global MFT suppliers, cloud-managed file transfer will provide file transfer automation, security, reporting, and visibility capabilities. Fixed costs will be predictable.
  • Managed File Transfer Analytics is a web-based analytics application that monitors all MFT server transfers.
  • It includes critical features such as a dashboard, self-service capabilities, alerts and notifications, security, and monitoring of different MFT environments from a single location, as well as a self-service portal.

#2. Globalscape EFT

Managed File Transfer Software

Globalscape offers Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) software, which is a complete and easy-to-use MFT solution. It ensures security and conformity. It has sophisticated automation, collaboration, and analytical features. The system is available for on-premises or cloud deployment.

Globalscape’s on-premise solutions are EFT Enterprise and EFT Express. EFT Enterprise is ideal for enterprises with complicated and mission-critical file transfer requirements. For basic use cases, EFT Express offers automatic data transfers, military-proven security, and infrastructure reliability.

#3. ActiveBatch

Managed File Transfer Software

ActiveBatch is ideal for coordinating whole processes that include data movements and file transfers. ActiveBatch includes hundreds of production-ready actions for standard file transfer tasks such as MoveFile, CopyFile, and so on. This integrated Jobs Library will allow you to develop and automate dependable end-to-end workflows more quickly. Through sophisticated and powerful machine learning, analytics, scheduling, alerting, and auditing features, it supports more trustworthy data transmission.

To maintain data security and regulatory compliance standards, ActiveBatch supports Secure File Transfer Protocols (such as SFTP for SSH transfers, FTPS for SSL transfers, Web Tunneling, and so on) as well as Open PGP (HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.).

It allows MFT operations to be executed on-premise, in the cloud, on SaaS platforms, and on a variety of operating systems.

#4. JSCAPE by Redwood

Managed File Transfer Software

Redwood’s JSCAPE is the appropriate solution for Secure Managed File Transfer Software (MFTs) among thousands of users utilising numerous operating systems and file transfer protocols. JSCAPE integrates three strong components into a single solution that is optimised for speed, efficiency, security, and scalability:

  • Discover a cross-platform, universal protocol server with easy administration and hybrid development support, as well as unrivalled flexibility and stability.
  • MFT Gateway: Easily add proxy servers to your DMZ to meet your organization’s compliance needs.
  • Load testing and network scanning to verify service standards are fulfilled even when the system is under excessive stress.

JSCAPE also leverages industry-leading security, including FIPS-140-2-validated libraries, conformance with the OFTP-2 specification as published in RFC-5024, and the Drummond CertifiedTM designation for AS2 protocol implementation.

#5. Diplomat MFT

Managed File Transfer Software

Diplomat MFT is the solution for secure file transfer automation, integration, and control to any destination. The solution is offered in three different editions: Basic, Standard, and Enterprise.

In one solution, the basic version can automate secure FTP and PGP encryption. Secure file transfer may be integrated into corporate operations using the standard edition. From a single point of management, the Enterprise edition can manage, audit, and monitor secure file transfers.

#6. GoAnywhere MFT

Managed File Transfer Software

To automate and secure file transfers, HelpSystems Solution provides a GoAnywhere MFT solution. It employs a centralised enterprise-level strategy. It is available for on-premise, cloud, and hybrid deployments. It supports Microsoft Azure and AWS for cloud deployment through MFTaaS. It works with Windows, Linux, AIX, and IBM i, among other operating systems. It sends email or SMS notifications when jobs are completed or failed.


  • GoAnywhere MFT provides a user-friendly, browser-based interface. You can automate SFTP, HTTPS, and FTP for secure file transfers.
  • You will be able to conduct multi-step processes to transfer, encrypt, and process files.
  • It allows you to book transfers for future dates and times.
  • It checks the folders for new files and processes them right away.
  • GoAnywhere MFT is compatible with current applications, programmes, and scripts.

#7. Cleo

Managed File Transfer Software

Cleo provides a modern-day, secure MFT solution. It includes an easy-to-use self-service design platform for creating and deploying your own connectors. The Cleo Integration Cloud is designed specifically for multi-enterprise file transfer.

This solution may meet your file transfer demands, whether you need to serve a few trade partners or thousands of connections. It supports over 20 protocols and gives you additional networking possibilities. It offers 900 pre-configured business connections.

#8. MOVEit

Managed File Transfer Software



MOVEit, formerly Ipswitch, is now Progress MOVEit. You will have comprehensive visibility and control over file transfer activity with this MFT solution. MOVEit will ensure the dependability of critical business operations. It enables safe and compliant data transfer between partners, clients, users, and systems.

MOVEit offers a flexible architecture that allows you to select the exact features you want, ensuring that the solution is a great fit for your organization’s requirements. MOVEit features a Neverfail Failover Manager, so there will be no downtime. MOVEit is a tool that has many more features, such as email and web transfer, multi-tenancy, high availability, desktop clients, API, and mobile access.

#9. Accellion MFT

Managed File Transfer Software

Accellion offers a controlled file transfer solution via Automation Server, Automation Client, Hardened Virtual Appliance, Governance, Security Analytics, and Automated File Scanning.

To manage, monitor, and recover transfers, Accellion’s Automation server includes a graphical operations interface. Transfers can be triggered by scheduling, polling, or events, or they can be started manually. It allows one-of-a-kind vault-to-vault transfers to maximise end-to-end security.

#10. IBM MFT

Managed File Transfer Software

IBM Sterling File Gateway, IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer, IBM Sterling Partner Engagement Manager, IBM Sterling Secure File Gateway, IBM Sterling Control Center, and more MFT solutions are available.

IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer is a unified file transfer platform that allows you to share and track mission-critical data movement within your organisation or across your trade partner network.

IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer can secure your data both at rest and in transit, ensuring safe delivery. It gives complete visibility by monitoring file activities. It offers a user-friendly interface and adaptable RESTful APIs. It is capable of handling the most demanding file moving demands, ranging from large volumes to massive multi-media files.

#11. IBM Aspera

Managed File Transfer Software

IBM Aspera delivers business file transfer solutions that are high-volume, dependable, and secure.

  • It provides a highly versatile platform, available on-premises or through a hybrid cloud, that facilitates data transfer and a wide range of communication protocols.
  • IBM Sterling File Gateway, IBM Sterling Partner Engagement Manager, IBM Sterling Secure File Gateway, IBM Sterling Control Center, and more MFT solutions are available.

#12. Redwood MFT

Managed File Transfer Software

Redwood Managed File Transfer software can keep your company connected and responsive. It allows for safe data transfer and precise data management. It will be offered as a SaaS solution. It will be beneficial to your data architects. Redwood MFT delivers fast and reliable data transmission. It shortens the time between file transfers and subsequent dependent actions, allowing you to improve service levels.

#13. MASV

Managed File Transfer Software

MASV, unlike other file transfer services, is built to handle big files (up to 5 TB in size), which can overwhelm other systems.

MASV serves two primary purposes:

  • You may send files to specific recipients or utilise MASV Portals to allow clients and partners to transfer files directly to you.
  • Both senders and recipients will profit from a pleasant process that is as simple as sending an e-mail.

#14. Kiteworks

Managed File Transfer Software

Kitworks MFT is a platform that provides zero-trust private content security and compliance for an organization’s most sensitive data.

  • Vault-to-vault transfer capabilities, as well as end-to-end transfer capabilities, all operate under secure settings.
  • Access to folders, repositories, and cloud data is simple.

#15. Raysync

Managed File Transfer Software

Raysync’s high-speed transfer protocol supports organisations in big file interactions and cross-platform collaboration, achieving uniformity inside and between enterprises.

  • Raysync’s sophisticated data compression and intermittent transfer technology may significantly reduce network load while also allowing for breakpoint resumption and data verification to ensure steady and trustworthy data transfer.
  • The intelligent management system may satisfy corporate business requirements such as data interface, sync, and backup.
  • Raysync ensures that it integrates quickly with current OA, ERP, and other enterprise systems, substantially lowering R & D expenditures to establish data file connectivity between business systems and operating system platforms while avoiding data islands.


What is the purpose of controlled file transfer?

Managed file transfer (MFT) is a technological platform that enables enterprises to securely move electronic data between systems and people in order to fulfil compliance requirements.

What precisely is secure managed file transfer?

Secure managed file transfer (MFT) is an all-in-one secure solution that simplifies and protects your file transfer procedures. You’ll save time while boosting security in your business with support for several file transfer protocols, audit reports, and automation features.