20 Best Call Centre Dialers You Can Use In 2022

A Comparison of the Best On-premises and Cloud-Based Call Centre Dialers for Inbound and Outbound Calls:

What Exactly Are Call Centre Dialers?

Call Centre dialers is a programme that allows you to manage client conversations from many channels and sources. It assists agents in making outgoing calls, answering incoming calls, measuring call metrics, and managing their workforce.

A call centre is a group of individuals that manage all telephonic calls, whereas a contact centre is a centre for all client conversations that occur via phone, email, chat, or social media.

Call Center Dialers Are Classified Into Two Types:

  • Call centre dialers are installed on-premises.
  • Cloud-based call centre dialers

You will have control over the phone systems with on-premises systems, but you will have to pay for the hardware, which includes the work and expense of maintaining the system. Another downside of this sort of technology is that it limits company scalability for various locations. Cloud-hosted contact centre software overcomes all of these constraints.

There will be no need for hardware with cloud-hosted call centre Dialers, and the pricing will be determined by consumption. There will also be no requirement for installations. It provides advantages such as data security and availability (anytime, anywhere, anyplace).

20 Best Call Centre Dialers To Improve Customer Experience

Here we make a list of the best call centre dialers to improve your customer experience.

#1. Zoho Desk

call centre dialers

Zoho Desk is a help desk, website builder, CRM, and more, but did you know it’s also a viable alternative for your call centre solution? Zoho’s call centre dialers, like its other products, is cloud-based, has a user-friendly interface, and connect nicely with everything in the Zoho product ecosystem.

If you currently use Zoho Desk, you’ll discover that adopting, utilising, and updating the software is a breeze. You’ll also be able to take advantage of the tight integrations with your other Zoho tools to deliver an excellent client and agent experience. Just keep in mind that in order to use the call centre capabilities, you must have either the Professional or Enterprise subscription.

#2. LiveAgent

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LiveAgent, like Zendesk, is much more than call centre dialers. Full helpdesk features like live chat, ticket management, omnichannel support, and much more are included in LiveAgent packages. The LiveAgent call centre dialers functions are available in the all-inclusive subscription, which also includes the aforementioned helpdesk features.

If you’re only interested in call centre dialers, LiveAgent may contain numerous capabilities you don’t require. However, if you want to give it a go, you may do so for free. LiveAgent provides a fourteen-day free trial. And if you need additional time, it’s worth asking—you might be able to get your trial period extended if you enjoy the software.

#3. Zendesk

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Zendesk call centre Dialers is integrated with the Zendesk ticketing system to provide a unified customer experience. Our software assists growing teams in resolving issues more quickly while also evaluating and improving phone support operations.

Your team will provide a superior customer experience across all channels using Zendesk. And, with our diverse choice of plans, you’re likely to discover one that meets your requirements.

#4. Webex

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If dependability, ease of setup, and comprehensive features are important to you, Webex’s call centre Dialers is a strong candidate to examine. This cloud-based system may back up to 1,000 remote employees, on-site employees, or a combination of the two.

Despite its enterprise-level capability and sophistication, Webex is also an excellent choice for smaller firms that are just getting their call centre up and running. Webex may also serve as your productivity suite if you need internal communication tools like video conferencing. Their plans include bundles geared just for call centre dialers, such as the Call plan, or packages aimed at combining productivity and call centre capabilities, such as the Meet + Call plan.

#5. GoToConnect

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If you’re familiar with the term “software-as-a-service,” you might be interested in GoToConnect’s contact-centre-as-a-service. The CCaaS idea is identical to SaaS, except that it is limited to call centre dialers. GoToConnect, like SaaS, offers a variety of options, all of which are totally cloud-based and provide a wide range of call centre functions.

The configurable contact centre software from GoToConnect can meet the demands of incoming, outbound, and hybrid call centres. If you enjoy the contact centre software, you can also add a VoIP service to build up an internal phone system for your company.

Of course, the fact that GoToConnect is well-known for its dependability and a reasonably long history of industry experience doesn’t hurt.

#6. TalkDesk

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Some call centres simply handle inbound calls or make outgoing calls, while others do both. TalkDesk provides the tools required to manage both types of calls in hybrid call centres. Because it is entirely cloud-based, there is no need to download additional software to your local machines.

TalkDesk contains handy, current features such as an easy-to-use mobile app that agents can use from anywhere. Furthermore, the software is quite adaptable; you can even employ after-hours or part-time staffing tools to manage calls when traffic and/or personnel are low. There are no free trials available for TalkDesk plans, but you may request a software demo.

#7. Bitrix24

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Bitrix24 is a call centre dialers not resembling Zoho Desk, but obviously, it’s a lot less well-known in the area. In addition, to call centre capabilities that serve incoming, outbound, external, and internal calling demands, Bitrix also includes project management tools, a website builder, and a standalone CRM.

Another important bonus is Bitrix’s free plan. While its feature set is restricted, the free plan may give you a decent idea of what to anticipate from the Bitrix interface. From there, you can make a more educated choice about whether Bitrix24’s adaptable contact centre software is a fit for your organisation.

#8. NICE CXone

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NICE CXone is designed to allow your agents to create better, more efficient customer experiences by combining customer context and extensive call centre functionality into a single straightforward interface. While it may be suitable for smaller enterprises, NICE CXone is a true corporate solution. Larger, complicated service firms will find all they need to streamline their call centre operations.

NICE CXone also contains a robust set of capabilities for managers to increase customer service standards while reducing expenses. These characteristics include quality management and workforce planning tools that assist in supporting continuous improvements in resource planning and service delivery.

#9. Five9

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Usage expenses for call centre dialers may soon build up, especially if you’re on the hook for long-distance rates and your customers are significantly distributed. But Five9 lets you keep operational expenses realistic while providing a top-tier calling experience for clients and agents alike. Their options include no-fee long-distance calling and may be set up on your existing equipment, depending on your needs.

In addition to its strong call centre dialers, Five9 offers a comprehensive range of telephony options, including enterprise VOIP. Put simply, whatever phone-related needs you have may be met by one or more of Five9’s packages.

#10. Dialpad

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For a stylish and really modern call centre system with a broad feature set built for both inbound and outbound dialling, Dialpad doesn’t disappoint. Included among its many unique and revolutionary features are call sentiment analysis, real-time text transcription, and even a built-in AI that can automatically produce question-specific call scripts for agents. And its mobile app allows you to stay connected from anywhere on any device.

Dialpad also has a unique pricing system for its software, of which there are two versions: Enterprise and Pro. To use Pro, you need to acquire at least three licences. For enterprise, you must acquire at least 100 licences.

#11. Twilio Flex

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If you’re a DIYer with the time and resources to employ developers, or you already have a staff of engineers well-versed in APIs, Twilio will be an exciting alternative for you. Rather than pre-packaged software, Twilio Flex provides a Voice SDK and an open API which your developers may use to construct a call centre solution totally customised to your business’s requirements, goals, ambitions, and dreams.

Everything from custom development of your own web-based call centre software to call transcription and queue management is on the table with Twilio. Put simply, all the functionality you’d expect in an enterprise-level call centre system can be implemented with Twilio. Twilio’s price is also flexible—you may either pay a fixed cost or a usage-based fee.

#12. CallHippo

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CallHippo is an intelligent call centre dialer that automate both incoming and outbound dialling. This cloud-based phone system comes in four variations for startups, small teams, SMBs, and corporate enterprises. However, regardless of your team size, you may require a higher-tier package if you want the most complex features.

In addition to the current bundles, CallHippo provides premium add-ons for capabilities including personalised caller ID, call transcription, voicemail transcription, and more.

#13. Aircall

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Aircall is a cloud-based call centre system that touts itself as a productivity-enhancing tool for support and sales teams. Its major qualities are a simple setup on your own hardware (until you desire to upgrade), tonnes of straightforward integrations, real-time monitoring, and project management options.

If you opt, as you should, to connect Aircall with your helpdesk and/or CRM, you may access all sorts of beneficial tools in your CRM or helpdesk, including automation and call activity monitoring. On top of all that, Aircall’s plans all feature unlimited inward and outgoing calling inside Canada and the continental United States.

#14. VICIDial

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If you’re searching for open-source, hosted contact centre software, VICIDial is an option to examine. Since the software is totally open-source, you don’t pay an upfront cost to use, modify, or distribute it. However, in practice, you can’t get up and go with VICIDIAL without investing resources. Because VICIDial is open source, you’ll need a skilled developer to help you implement it.

If you desire to, you can pay for hosting services given by VICIDIAL. With VICIDIAL hosting, your software and data will be saved on a dedicated VICIDIAL server. Once installed, VICIDial includes all the call centre features you’d expect for outgoing and inbound calls, as well as some goodies, such as email and website chat.

#15. MiCloud Connect

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For enterprise-grade performance, MiCloud Connect by Mitel is a great choice. This cloud-based contact centre software includes messaging, screen sharing, conferencing and much more. Plus, Mitel’s clear user interface, omnichannel support, and seamless agent experience make it a great tool for enhancing agent efficiency.

Yet it’s not simply the day-to-day productivity benefits you may anticipate. Mitel also includes real-time data, which you may use to improve your processes and resource allocation for peak call centre productivity.

#16. 3CX

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Using 3CX, call centre operators and their supervisors can operate from anywhere, conducting virtual meetings with web conferencing and serving clients on the phone, via live chat, and more. Plus, if you want flexibility in how you implement your contact centre software, 3CX delivers it with on-premise, hosted, and cloud-based solutions.

Along with deployment flexibility, 3CX provides enterprise-level functionality with features like call pop-ups, click-to-call, call journals, and much more.

#17. CloudTalk


CloudTalk Voice is a user-friendly cloud-based outbound and incoming call centre solution that SMBs rated well in 2020. CloudTalk lets you regulate call centre running expenses, monitor call quality, and much more, in addition to providing smooth phone connections within your organisation and between your business and customers.

CloudTalk’s easy-to-use integrations, call recording, intelligent dialling, and two-way sync are just a few of its most popular and powerful features. CloudTalk offers three monthly plans with prices ranging from $25 to $50.However, in order to use outbound calling services, you must have a bespoke plan that is invoiced at a flat rate.

#18. Vonage

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If purchasing your contact centre software and hardware from the same firm is important to you, Vonage is worth considering. Their call centre is completely customisable, with simple add-ons and powerful out-of-the-box features. Vonage works with common CRMs like HubSpot and Zendesk, but its Salesforce and Microsoft Teams interfaces are especially strong.

Vonage’s features are typical of an industry leader and include essentials like call monitoring, call tagging, and native messaging. As a full-service business phone provider, Vonage can also fulfil your VOIP requirements, making it a genuine one-stop shop.

#19. Ringover

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Ringover’s call centre dialers are flexible, contemporary, and simple, and is offered as a bespoke plan or in one of two packages: Smart or Power. Regardless of the package or plan you select, Ringover will provide you with software that seamlessly blends group messaging, video conferencing, and a sophisticated phone system with corporate texting.

Ringover’s key advantages include extensive reporting that is condensed into dashboards; low-cost international calling to 110 countries; and robust call management tools. Not to mention, Ringover works effortlessly with all of the most powerful CRMs and helpdesks.

#20. Nextiva

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Nextiva’s cloud-based call centre dialers are designed to meet the requirements of any type of organisation. Nextiva’s Call Flow Builder—a no-code, visual editor for developing call routing workflows—makes it powerful while being user-friendly for non-developers. If you appreciate Nextiva’s call centre dialers, they also provide a range of phone-related services, such as VOIP.

Furthermore, Nextiva is an ideal option to outfit your workforce with hardware in addition to your new call centre dialers. In addition to their software, Nextiva offers low-cost VOIP-enabled business phones. If you’re intrigued, you may sign up for a free trial of either of Nextiva’s two calling plans.