14 Best Kustomer Competitors & Alternatives For Small Business


Kustomer is a great customer service platform for ecommerce and direct-to-consumer businesses, but there are other great options as well. You may be utilising an e-commerce support solution in a different way, or you may be seeking a simpler, easier-to-use service. Or perhaps one that interfaces with the other business applications you use.

You don’t need to look any farther since we’ve already done the legwork. Here are eight fantastic e-commerce customer support products that we suggest, along with their benefits and drawbacks. So, if you’re seeking a Kustomer replacement, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Before we get into the alternatives, let’s take a brief look at why Kustomer is such a popular e-commerce customer care solution. See 15 Best EasyBib Alternatives To Check Paper For Grammar.

What exactly is a Kustomer?

Kustomer is an excellent customer care software that assists e-commerce firms in managing client communications. This CRM platform for customer care is suitable for handling large quantities of help. It has a lot of features that make it useful for businesses of all sizes as a customer service tool.


  • With Kustomer, you and your team can see conversations from live chat, instant messaging, emails, and social media all in one place.
  • You may invite other agents to a chat via notes and mentions, allowing your team to work collectively.
  • You can also use Kustomer IQ, which is its artificial intelligence, to automate rules, direct conversations, and send automatic responses to frequently asked questions.
  • Kustomer works with almost all of the most popular business software you use every day.


  • Kustomer was not designed with e-commerce in mind. This suggests that using this technology will most likely not meet the specific needs of an e-commerce business owner.
  • For first-time users, the layout might be rather scary and complicated. To get value from the product, you’ll need to go through a high learning curve.
  • Kustomer’s regular package starts at $39/month per user. Also, their price plans are based on a minimum of 8 seats, which means that the price might be too high to be worth it.

14 Best Kustomer Competitors & Alternatives For Small Business

Here are some of the best alternative to Kustomer for customer care management

#1. Gorgias


Gorgias is a customer service solution for online retailers. They work with Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. They have a great interface with Shopify, which makes it easy for support staff to give great customer service without any problems.

#2. Zendesk


Zendesk is a multibillion-dollar SaaS firm that provides customer support software to businesses. Zendesk has a vast number of capabilities, interfaces with practically every tool in your stack, and caters to companies in every industry. If you consider customer support software to be an industry, Zendesk would be towards the top.

#3. Front


Front is a customer communication platform designed to help teams connect with their customers more effectively by merging emails, applications, and team members into a unified view. It’s more of a general-purpose tool that may be used for a variety of reasons, one of which is e-commerce customer service. Front lets you help your customers in many ways, such as through email, phone calls, text messages, live chat, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

#4. DelightChat


DelightChat is an e-commerce customer support platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses that allows them to provide out-of-the-box customer assistance. It was made with conversations in mind, so you can easily manage your store’s help and answer customers’ questions from a single interface.

#5. Richpanel


Richpanel assists e-commerce organisations in effectively managing their customer service. Richpanel allows you to quickly track, manage, and handle questions. You can manage all of your customer service channels, including live chat, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. This saves time and allows support representatives to be more productive.

#6. Reamaze


Reamaze is an excellent helpdesk software for e-commerce businesses. It is claimed to be the most direct rival to DelightChat, Gorgias, and Richpanel. It enables your staff to efficiently handle consumer inquiries. One of Reamaze’s key attractions is its live chat.

#7. Freshdesk


Freshdesk (formerly Freshworks) is a well-known brand in the customer support business. Freshworks was rated a “visionary” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Engagement Center in 2020. It has a wide range of features that make it a complete customer service system for businesses in most industries.

#8. Help Scout

Help Scout

Help Scout is a shared inbox that allows all members of your team to send and receive email from the same address. Other features include live chat, in-app messaging, and a knowledge base.

#9. Tidio


Tidio is an excellent customer service solution that may assist e-commerce businesses in having more effective dialogues with their consumers. Tidio can help you engage with your consumers and resolve their issues in a quick and effective manner. It has tools to assist your agents with managing customer support more effectively.

#10. HappyFox


HappyFox might be an excellent solution if you’re seeking a tidy help desk product for your non-ecommerce firm. HappyFox is a web-based support ticket system and online help desk software. Its user experience is superior to Zendesk’s since it is clear and straightforward. HappyFox includes all of the functionality of a normal help desk solution. It also includes capabilities such as task management and asset management.

#11. Zoho desk

Zoho desk

Zoho Desk is an AI-powered customer support platform with a reasonable price. It is regarded as an excellent alternative to Zendesk. You can modify the appearance and feel of Zoho Desk to fit your brand. It has many features, including ticketing, Aircall, call centre, Zia AI, and agent productivity.

#12. Kayako


Kayako is a help desk software that incorporates many support channels such as live chat, email, Facebook, and Twitter. It also has shared-inbox functionality like custom displays, tags, and conversation assignments.

#13. Groove


Groove is a user-friendly customer support software designed for small enterprises and startups. It enables you to resolve support tickets quickly, interact with Gmail or Outlook, build a support widget, and embed it on your website.

Groove is less expensive and easier to use than Zendesk and Freshdesk. It also has a shared inbox option, similar to Help Scout. In addition, unlike other help desk software, Groove provides a 120-day free trial.

#14. HelpCrunch 


HelpCrunch is a one-stop shop for customer service. It includes live chat software, email marketing, pop-ups, a help desk, a knowledge base, and other features. HelpCrunch has a lot of live chat features, such as the ability to customise it, an automatic welcome, an agent avatar, and the ability to style it with custom CSS.


What is the purpose of Kustomer?

The Kustomer Platform enables enterprises to define business logic and automate operations via the use of business rules and workflows.

Kustomer is a CRM?

Kustomer is a cutting-edge, complete CRM software built exclusively for customer service.

Is Kustomer owned by Facebook?

More than any other acquisition in 2020, Facebook’s acquisition of Kustomer has left martech specialists perplexed. Facebook has made some strange purchases in the past, like Oculus, but all of them could be explained in a good way.

Is Meta the owner of Kustomer?

Meta Platforms Inc., previously Facebook, has acquired ‘Kustomer,’ a customer service-centric (CX) firm located in the United States. The company that made the social media platform announced the purchase in November 2020, but it didn’t happen for almost a year because of concerns from the European Union.