GeForce Now Gives PC-Like Gaming To M1 Macs


Apple’s M1 Macs are formidable personal computers by many metrics, but their Gaming capabilities aren’t one of them. So far, Windows Gaming PCs have been a far superior gaming platform to the chagrin of some Mac users.

The availability of NVIDIA’s GeForce Now 2.0.40 to Apple Silicon Macs might be a lifeline for aspiring hardcore gamers as it allows one to execute PC games inside a datacenter to stream them at high interactive framerates back to the Mac.

That’s particularly attractive since you have access to a GeForce RTX 3080 equivalent with the new subscription option. It’s more gaming power than any M1-powered can sustain, but cloud gaming does require a very good Internet connection. Fortunately, there’s a free GeForce Now test if you want to check things out.

Beyond the raw virtual GPU power, it’s really a matter of platform. Game developers don’t invest much time in macOS and the Metal graphics API. Instead, they have historically preferred Windows, OpenGL, Vulkan, and DirectX as they help with PlayStation and Xbox code compatibility.

In my experience, GeForce Now runs very well if you have a good internet connection, and it feels very much like having a gaming PC. It’s not a complete replacement, but it is very close.

Additionally, the $9.99/mo subscription is significantly cheaper than buying a gaming PC, especially if you don’t play on a regular basis. I’m curious to see how many Mac users will bite, but that’s a lovely option to have.

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