31 Top free cartoon online streaming sites in 2022

Everyone occasionally has the desire to travel through time or go back to their early years. Sadly, not all dreams come true. Our daily personal and professional lives are filled with too many concerns, and we are unable to avoid our obligations. There is, however, a way out. If watching cartoons was a crucial part of your upbringing, you might occasionally find solace by switching on your favorite shows. Today, we don’t need to wait in front of the TV for a certain show we want to watch. Finding Top free cartoon online streaming sites is the most practical way to watch them. The difficulty in finding a suitable website to watch cartoons is due to the overwhelming quantity of websites that offer this service.Certain websites are free, while others are not. Some need registration, while others are simple to access. Finding a source that is right for you takes a lot of time. Fortunately, we have removed the trash.The top cartoon and anime websites are listed here, where you may watch cartoons online without having to download anything. Cartoons including Sponge bob, Gravity Falls, Bob’s Burgers, Naruto, Tom and Jerry, Adventure Time, and more are available to watch on these websites.Save time by looking through the list.




For older and more recent cartoons, movies, and Japanese series, check out WatchCartoonOnline. The website offers a wide range of kid-friendly animated movies as well as the ideal balance of family-friendly and mature material. Cartoons that have been translated and subtitled are available here.  As soon as they arrive in Japan, fresh animation episodes with English subtitles are granted a place on the programme.  Genres: Multi-genre anime is more common. There are also family-based, action, and fiction-based television programmes accessible.

2. YouTube

you tube

3. Cartoon Network HQ

Cartoon Network HQ
One of the greatest places to stream cartoons online, including Adventure Time, Powerpuff Girls, and Ben 10. The most popular Cartoon Television series are covered in-depth on this website. However, the majority of the content is made up of brief excerpts that were developed especially for this website. In conclusion, anybody hoping to see the entire spectacle will be let down. On the plus side, the website has an intriguing collection of various show-related items, some of which are intriguing.

4. Anime Flavor

Anime Flavor
The finest website for free online anime viewing is this one. On the home page, each cartoon is arranged alphabetically. All you have to do is touch on the anime’s name to start watching. You will also notice some details about the anime and a synopsis of it. The most well-liked episodes are located at the top of the page. You may tap on a book’s cover to watch it if it piques your curiosity.  A search bar is available on Anime Flavor. Cartoons are always available to view without having to register!

5. WatchCartoonsOnline.cc

All the fantastic cartoon programmes are available for free access on WatchCartoonsOnline.cc. You may view both newly released anime shows and anime with English subtitles. Visit the website to stream your preferred animated series. Interspecies Reviewers, 100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru English Subbed, A Certain Scientific Railgun, and several others come to mind.

6. WatchCartoonOnline.bz

One of the top websites for watching cartoons online is WatchCartoonOnline.bz. Amazing animated series from different streaming services like Netflix and CN are all available on this website. You can locate all the shows on this fantastic website if you’re looking for the most popular episodes. WCO has an incredible library of cartoons. Cartoons like Southpark, Turning Red, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Spooktakular New Adventures of Casper, and many others are available in an infinite library Cartoons and animation are completely free to view online.

7. Cartoonito

Cartoonito is the best website to watch cartoons online, especially for your kids. This website is built with various games and websites like Fireman Sam, Super Wings, Thomas & Friends, Daisy and Ollie, Curious George, and many more.


8. Disney Junior

Disney Junior
Disney Junior’s tagline is “Where the magic starts.” A hilarious great godsend for you is Disney Junior for grownups! Here, all of the Disney animated films are available for free internet viewing. The user interface is charming and easy to use.  Do you wish to see animated films with Disney characters like Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse? You may tap on any of the little cartoon character images on the site to view the related series that feature that particular character. Finding a good movie is very simple! Additional features include games, a music player, the option to download cartoon programmes, and more.

9. Nick


Thousands of lovers of cartoons frequently visit Nick.com. The user interface is engaging and enjoyable. Visit the website and give it a try. You’ll enjoy yourselves immensely! Let’s keep in mind that this website only streams Nickelodeon animated series like Spongebob, Jimmy Neutron, Blaze and Monster Machines, Avatar, etc. Radio and gaming are among the extra services, though. You won’t forget Nick after only one try!


10. Anime Toon

Anime Toon
A fantastic website for viewing anime online for free is Anime Toon. Its database contains a considerable amount of anime series. Online anime in dub is available here. As all the cartoons are organised into categories like Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Food, Horror, and more, you may also search for anime by its genre. You’ll undoubtedly be pleased!
Try it! Android smartphones can also access Anime Toon.

11. Anime Planet

Anime Planet
Would you want to view the most well-known anime series? The website Anime-Planet is for you! The best anime may be found here. There are top lists, character searches, manga suggestions, and many more features. The UI of Anime Planet is very good. You may register and make lists of the programmes you want to watch later or you can view the shows you enjoy right now. There are also the most recent anime series if you’re looking for them! Simply press “Anime suggestions,” select any show you like, and enjoy yourself.


12. Fox

One of the most watched television networks is Fox. If you’ve ever seen TV, you’re aware that cartoons are also aired there. The Simpsons, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, and more shows have all been debuted on the channel. You may find these on Fox’s official website if you’re interested. On the website, the newest cartoons are immediately visible. There are no intrusive pop-up advertising, and the UI is simple. Enjoy your favourite cartoon now and have a good time!
In addition to cartoons, there are other resources as well.

13. Kiss Cartoon/Kiss Anime

Kiss Cartoon
Boredom is fatal. Surely not? How about adding fun and thrilling moments to the period of your life that is the most tedious and annoying?  Simply click here: Both a list of cartoons and a list of anime are included in Kiss Cartoon. You will be directed to a different website that is connected to the main one if you tap “Anime list”: You can search for cartoons by status (ongoing/completed) or genre on either of these two websites (Adventure, Biography, Crime, Cars, History, Musical, Ski-Fi, etc.). Depending on your preferences, pick a cartoon. On Kiss Cartoon/Anime, you can register. You can bookmark the cartoons you enjoy as a member, and you will receive notifications when new episodes are available. There will also be a default HD setting, the option to turn off autoplay, and some other extra options. Filling out the box is all that is required. Outstanding websites to watch cartoons online for free include Kiss Cartoon and Anime!

 14. SuperCartoons

The website SuperCartoons is easy to use. There, you may view more than a thousand vintage cartoons for free online. You may view vintage animated Disney, Looney Tunes, and many more cartoons with SuperCartoon. One of the best websites for watching cartoons online is this one. Old Scooby-Doo episodes may now be found on the website. Sorting the cartoons by actors, directors, and episodes makes it easier for you to locate what appeals to you. For instance, browse to the characters section and choose “Mickey Mouse” if you want to view Mickey Mouse cartoons. Although the site contains adverts, they have no negative effects on how you see. So why are you still waiting? Start your online cartoon streaming on one of the fantastic streaming websites. The menu is unambiguous. You may search for a cartoon based on its cast of characters (including Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, the Road Runner, Daffy Duck, the Pink Panther, Goofy,Porky Pig, Tweety, and Speedy Gonzales, among others)! alternatively you may select a cartoon by selecting your preferred studio (Walt Disney, Disney, Warner Bros, Hanna-Barbera, MGM, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Filmation Associates, 20th Century Fox, and many others). Watching cartoon shows may be enjoyable without downloading or registering.

15. Vimeo

One of the most popular sites for watching and posting movies is Vimeo. Cartoons may be made, watched, downloaded, and shared for free using Vimeo. To gain some extra features, you may upgrade to premium. You may post cartoons to the website, review and comment on them, and connect with other cartoon enthusiasts. By completing the form, you may sign up for the website: It will make you happy to find such a fantastic website for viewing cartoons.

16. Hulu

A safe place to watch free cartoons online is Hulu Watch Cartoon. It is so well-liked since it offers high-quality films that can be accessed without any issues.However, there is a problem: not everyone in the globe can access the website. Only nations like the US, UK, and others are permitted to utilise it. You must utilise a VPN to gain access. A PD-Proxy Premium Account is available. DroidVPN may be used for the same reason by Android users.

17. New Grounds

New Grounds
A community website called New Grounds has a huge selection of cartoons, games, and music. To get more possibilities, you may join up. Simply complete the form: You may also draw your own cartoons and post them on New Grounds: With friends, share your works of art and cartoons you enjoy. “Everything, by Everyone” is the motto of New Ground. Have fun and avoid boredom!


18. Side Reel

Side Reel
Side Reel is another popular website where you can watch cartoons for free online. Here is a list of the shows that are most frequently monitored, including Family Guy, South Park, The Simpsons, and more. Additionally, you will be able to watch Cartoon premieres and finales on certain dates. You will be the first to learn about and watch the new series in this way. Isn’t it awesome? Join Side Reel today to take advantage of features like monitoring your favourites, reviewing and rating cartoons, and reading what the site’s knowledgeable community members have to say about them. New cartoons can also be found. Based on the animated series you’ve previously tracked and evaluated, Side Reel provides suggestions that are personalised specifically for you. SideReel can travel everywhere you do! You can plan your TV watching wherever you are with the iOS app! Get notifications for when your favourite episodes broadcast and use your phone to track and rate cartoons. You may look forward to the new animated series now!


19. Netflix

Most likely, you’ve heard of Netflix. Okay, there are also cartoons there! There are always new series coming out. Although there is a free trial and you may ask a friend to share their login information with you, this website is not entirely free. You can watch brand-new, hip, and in-demand animation on Netflix. You may also do a search for older content. The entire family may enjoy certain mature cartoon programmes. Overall, you’ll undoubtedly discover something that appeals to your taste.

20. Comedy Central

Comedy Central
Animation films and TV shows may be found in abundance on Comedy Central. No registration or downloading is required. Popular shows like South Park, Futurama, Ugly Americans, Drawn Together, Professional Therapist, and more may be found here. Comedy Central offers completely free programming.


21. Disney Video

Disney Video
For people who love cartoons but prefer older animation, Disney Video is the most wonderful website. Finding Dory, Frozen, Zootropolis, The Lion Guard, and many other captivating programmes are available. Your beloved Disney movies are shown on a variety of stations. Additionally, recommendations for entertaining cartoons are provided. Watch the trailers and snippets from your favourite Disney films! On this website, you may even play games.

22. South Park Studios

South Park Studios
Do you adore the South Park television series? If so, South Park Studios is the website for you! You may view both the cartoons’ entire episodes and trailers on it. Do you like Kyle Broflovski or Eric Cartman? Alternatively, do you like Kenny McCormick? You may view the complete list of South Park characters by tapping “WIKI” and then “Characters.” Select any character’s image to view all of their information.Additionally, you may view the directly related episodes by selecting them from the highlighted episodes on this page! You may also register here, friend!The South Park Studio website has the ideal user interface.It will appeal to you!

23. Cartoon Park

Cartoon Park
Cartoon Park is the place to go if you enjoy older animation. You may watch free animated movies with English subtitles on this website. All of the cartoons displayed on this page include a subtitle option. The website’s biggest feature is the availability of free, high-quality online cartoons. They are available for free download and viewing. The user interface is quite clean and well-organized. The most well-liked cartoons or anime, as well as the most recent, are available for selection on the site. Additionally, you may select a cartoon from a list that is alphabetized or categorised by category. You may quickly and easily discover your favourite cartoon by using the search bar. Search terms include name, genre, and status. This website has the special ability to let you view cartoons on your phone without having to download any apps since it has a mobile-friendly design.

24. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network
The finest cartoons, including complete seasons, animated shorts, and more, are available on Cartoon Network. With your favourite characters, you may also play entertaining games. You may watch the cartoons on your phone, which is another convenient feature. Watch watching cartoons!

25. KissPanda

Fans of Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad, South Park, and Futurama may visit KissPanda. You can locate any episode you want with ease because to the menu’s simplicity. Having a boredom? Get relaxing by opening KissPanda!

26. Boomerang

Your favourite animated films, movies, and free games are all stored on Boomerang. The Flintstones, Garfield, Tom & Jerry, Pink Panther, and many other classic shows are still available. Play online games with Scooby-Doo and Tom and Jerry, two of your favourite Boomerang characters. Watch free trailers for your favourite TV series, like Pals, Pink Panther, and The Flintstones!
The Boomerang’s user interface is quite well laid out.

27. Ovguide

You can watch all the top anime online in one place with Ovguide! Find your preferred anime quickly and painlessly. You may save your favourites, receive customised suggestions, and more. All of it is free and simple!


28. DC Universe

DC Universe
You must purchase a membership in order to enjoy DC Universe on a free basis. The chance to watch your favourite movies and animated series ad-free is what you receive with such subscriptions, though. You may immediately view brand-new episodes as well. The good news is that you may use this website for free to test it out. The future? Perhaps you’ll enjoy it and want to spend money on quality. The majority of animated movies are appropriate for teenagers and adults. Comic book fans will adore the content!


 29. Watch Anime Dub

Watch Anime Dub
An excellent website for watching cartoons and anime online is Watch Anime Dub. Along with lists of cartoons, there are lists of anime that have been dubbed and subtitled. It is simple to locate a cartoon by name because every list is organised alphabetically. Additionally, you will be able to utilise the search box to find what you’re looking for. Online complete episodes are available at the Watch Anime Dub site. The site’s UI is easy to use and bright.


30. AllMyAnime

If you consider yourself a fan of animation, then must check the website AllMyAnime! Excellent alphabetized listings of cartoons and anime are available. There are the most recent additions, cartoons. English subs are used for the anime series.

31. Cartoons On

Cartoons On
An accessible and well-known website for streaming cartoons is Cartoons On. Do you want to watch your preferred animated cartoons without downloading them and maybe putting your PC at risk? Use cartoons only! You may use the search box to look for anime and cartoons, or you can discover them quickly by “Studio” (Walt Disney, Warner Bros., etc.), “Characters” (Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, etc.), and “Shows” (Family Guy TV Series, Ben 10: Omniverse, etc.). Registration or signing up for the website are not necessary. It costs nothing at all to watch your favourite animated movies! To get fresh cartoons, check out Cartoons On often since the library of free cartoons is continuously being updated. Excellent streaming cartoons from the past and present are available on the fantastic website Cartoons On. The site is quite straightforward, making it simple to browse. You can quickly locate what you’re searching for by navigating through their portfolio or using the web browser they designed. In the studio, videos may also be chosen. For instance, if you are a major lover of Mickey Mouse, you might choose Mickey as your choice and only see Mickey episodes. On the site, you can also watch a large number of Japanese cartoons in HD for free. Is it really necessary to watch a cartoon when you can easily discover one on our site and do so whenever you want? You’re welcome, cartoon enthusiasts!


Wrapping Up