Why Switch To Solar Street Lights? 9 Key Reasons

Replacing traditional street lights with solar ones not only cuts down energy bills and helps you save on non-renewable energy but also significantly lowers maintenance costs. The green movement is thus not the only reason behind the increased rate of solar light installation throughout the country. As these lights make the most of the sun’s energy, they are also less dependent on national grids for power. No wonder they are being extensively used to light up public gardens, parks, and streets.

If you have decided to replace the street lights in your area with solar LEDs, you should know everything about their structure, key features, and common benefits.

The simplicity of structure

The solar LED lights are devoid of too much wiring and connections that make it easier to take care of them. They come with in-built batteries and smart sensors integrated into a simple structure powered by PV panels. It’s their inherent simplicity that makes them a favorable option for both domestic and commercial applications.

Most of them have automatic controls embedded in the structure. This apart, they are also resistant to moisture, adverse climatic conditions, and repulsive to most insects. The light from these LEDs has a low glare and lasts longer than the traditional lights if maintained properly.

By now, we are already aware of how solar lights function. Just for the sake of information, they convert solar energy into electrical energy, which, in turn, is stored in lithium-ion batteries for use in the evening.

Generally, this power provides you with sufficient light till dawn, of which the first few hours are the brightest. After that, the brightness reduces in general but resumes, as the PIR sensor is stimulated by human proximity. Hence, solar lights are considered to be smart devices that reduce the depletion of renewable energy, as well as enhance energy efficiency.

Most solar street lights don’t require any maintenance unless subjected to massive temperature and weather changes. However, you should be aware of some simple maintenance requirements of these lights to enhance their performance and longevity. Scroll on!

Dust cleaning

Although rainwater washes away all the dust, sand, and debris that accumulate on the solar panel, you may need to perform regular cleaning in dry or semi-dry conditions. The experts believe that the accumulated dust on the solar panels may affect its capacity to absorb sunlight and reduce its efficiency. Hence, you should opt for a once-in-a-quarter cleaning endeavor to ensure the optimum efficiency of the solar street lights.

Maintaining batteries

Most advanced solar LED lights come with industry-standard, high-quality batteries that may need no maintenance or repair during their service life. After that period, their effectiveness may reduce, needing you to replace them for another life cycle.

Installation site maintenance

If the soil near the installation bracket is prone to corrosion, one may need to check the site annually to prevent uprooting in severe cases. However, no extra maintenance is required for the installation site. But one needs to prune shrubs, hedges, or tree branches regularly to prevent them from blocking the sunlight. As the panels need direct sunlight to maximize energy conversion, such pruning is necessary to reduce the impact of shades created by the trees and shrubs.

Types of solar street lights

The Solar LED lights can range from typical bright poles to solar bollards, mostly found in gardens, parks, and other open spaces. They vary based on size, the number of panels, efficiency, and decorative appearances. Are you unsure which one will be best for your area and serve your specific requirements? Take a look at the following references to make the best choice.

Single and double-paneled lights

These lights look almost the same but are different, as the former has a single panel, while the latter has 2 solar panels. The doubled-paneled solar light is also supposed to have a higher-powered LED bulb than its singular counterpart. Hence, you may consider installing it in darker places with lesser light poles.

Portable solar lights

This portable lighting system is best suited for temporary parking spaces set up for major events, construction sites, temporary roads, fairs, seminars, or social gatherings. They come in both single and dual fixtures and no concrete foundation is needed to install them. So, no digging! These lights are temporary and can easily be moved once the event is over.

Decorative lights

These solar lights have an enhanced appearance and are best suited for public areas, like amusement parks, children’s parks, private gardens, and the outdoors of commercial areas, where the architectural marvel is required. They can come in a classic, vintage form with customized height, chic design, and perfect finish, or the bollard shape for lighting your campus, farm, or backyard.

Solar mobile towers

These are highly-customizable solar lights, mainly used to brighten huge open spaces, like the floodlights. They can either be powered manually or automatically, depending on specific needs and preferences. The mobile solar towers generate electricity from sunlight, thus producing little or no vibrations.

Many other kinds of solar lights may be found in the market, like sign-flashing lights, solar generators, hanging lights, and so on. While exploring your choices, you should get an idea about each to understand the benefits and compare the same with your needs.
Now that you have some idea about the solar street lights, it’s time to debunk some myths to reveal the truth beneath:

  • They don’t look weird or out-of-place. On the other hand, some of these lighting systems have a classic appearance.
  • They aren’t bad for the eyes, as these lights are devoid of UV and other harmful rays of the sun and also have reduced glare than traditional lights.
  • They are way affordable than conventional lights as a one-time investment option, and the maintenance costs are negligible.
  • They don’t work for a short duration. On the contrary, they can give sufficient light to the passers-by even at midnight.
  • Solar lights can be installed in all places, no matter the climatic conditions.

Although such advanced solar lighting systems are quite new in the market, they are perfect for lighting up the outdoors of commercial spaces and some luxury homes, besides the streets. Once installed, they will serve you for years with little or no maintenance. You’ll also experience a dip in your energy bills. And of course, it helps you preserve the environment, as it uses 100% green energy to generate power. If these are not enough reasons to install solar-powered lighting systems, nothing is.