European Union looks to block Apple’s hardware ‘gatekeeping’ : gadgets


This brings up an interesting point: why do manufacturers need 47 different connectors for one thing? It’s not even standardized within one company.

Lvds connection for a monitor? Fine but the connector is different for every laptop.

You want to swap out that m.2 disk? Tough luck unless you can find one in our funky 22×89 format.

We’re reusing the batteries from the phone we’ve been manufacturing for 4 years in our newest phone? Yeah alright but we’re changing the connector.

I love standardization. Down to the very core of my device, I want shit standardized. I don’t want to have to reverse engineer stuff or wait for some dude in China to do it. Just like with a PC, I want to be able to go into the local tech shop, buy a few components, and have it work.

Why do we accept miniaturization as an excuse for hardware locks and proprietary tech? If Dell or anyone introduced a PC with their own “lightning” connector it would crash and burn and I guarantee you the next model would be back to PCIe, SATA, M .2, and USB like everyone else.


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