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‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ season two arrives on Disney+ this fall


On Sunday, the final day of Disney’s Star Wars Celebration 2022 event, the company shared the first trailer for season two of . And while we’ve known since last year that Disney planned to continue the series, the new season now has a release timeframe. It will debut on Disney+ this fall.

The trailer the company shared suggests the story will pick up following a time skip that leaves the members of Clone Force 99 looking older than they were in season one. Each one also is also seen wearing updated armor, with squad leader Hunter sporting a new scarf , for instance. As ever, it looks like the group has a tough journey ahead of them as they try to find a place in a changing galaxy. Oh, and there’s a Wookie with a lightsaber.

A release window for season two of The Bad Batch was one of a handful of announcements Disney shared during Star Wars Celebration 2022. We also got our first look at Rogue One prequel and Star the sequel to Respawn’s Fallen Orderin addition to updates on The Mandalorian and .

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