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DC’s Making Static, Harley Quinn, & Lois Lane Graphic Novels


Image: Paris Alleyne/DC Comics

Static Shock was one of the more comparatively underrated superhero shows of the early 2000s, and the character’s return to the popular culture has been slow going. He and other Milestone characters are now enjoying a return in the comics space, and he’s due to theoretically receive a movie sometime in the near future. To expand his profile even further, DC bringing him over to the YA audience.

DC has just announced Static: Up All Night, a graphic novel by writer Lamar Giles and artist Paris Alleyne. After Virgil (aka Static) goes through a bad breakup, his best friend Richie Foley—aka Gear, from the old cartoon—decides to help him by taking him to a music festival in Dakota. But like the YA story it is, his ex also happens to be at the music festival, and that’s only the start of his troubled night. The graphic novel will include other characters from the Dakotaverse, which means some fun cameos are in store for those who’ve grown up with the character. Look for Up All Night to release on June 6, 2023.

Image: Paris Alleyne/DC Comics

Outside of Static, DC announced new graphic novels for Harley Quinn and Lois Lane. The former, The Strange Case of Harleen & Harley, will release on May 2, 2023 from author Melissa Marr (Wicked Lovely) and Bingo Love artist Jenn St-Onge. Harleen and her girlfriend Ivy decide to take a clinical research trial to work on her anxiety and make some extra cash. But the trial leads to gaps in her memory, along with the discovery that she has an alternate identity in the form of Harley, described in the summary as “anarchy in a cute dress.” Once she learns of her other life, Harleen will have to reckon with both parts of who she is.

Image: Jenn St-Onge/DC Comics

Finally, Sarah Kuhn (From Little Tokyo with Love) and Arielle Jovellanos (Black Star) come together for Girl Taking Over: A Lois Lane Story on April 4, 2023. As a summer intern for her newspaper, Lois uncovers a scandal that inspires her to create her own website for young women. But even that comes with its own drawbacks, and she’ll have to figure out what kind of The journalist she wishes to be going forward.

DC’s previous graphic novels have a pretty good track record, and it’s just nice that the publisher is using books like these to branch out and interest people who would otherwise be turned off by comics. All three of these sound like they’ll be fun takes on their respective characters. Expect more about them in the near future.

Image: Arielle Jovellanos/DC Comics

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