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All the Coolest Pop Culture Ornaments


A small sampling of the fun sci-fi and fantasy ornaments coming from Hallmark.
Image: Hallmark

For most people, Christmas comes at the end of December. For Hallmark collectors, it comes much earlier than that—on the day Hallmark announces all of its ornaments for the coming year. Hundreds and hundreds of ornaments for every single occasionaimed at fans of basically anything and everything.

What follows are about 30 of the geekiest, coolest, weirdest sci-fi ornaments that are coming out this year. They run the gamut through every franchise, every medium, it’s all here. So click through and see just a small sampling of our favorite nerdy ornaments Hallmark is releasing in 2022. (Most of these come out either July 9 or October 8, and that’s noted on each slide. Also, click here to see them all.)


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